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OK, I stand corrected.
I wasn't talking to you, but my point is just that there is a high likelihood that Voxrat's prediction with respect to Trump will be wrong,  given that  Trump pretty much defied all predictions in the presidential election.
Let's hope you never visit a casino, dave.

Is this the same guy who was bowing before "Trump the Master" when the health care bill couldn't make it? Because it was supposedly all 8-d chess?
No, one doesn't wonder.  Trump can't play Tic-Tac-Toe.

Haha and he can't build a business either.  And he doesn't have nice normal kids with nice normal families either.  And he doesn't have a chance at getting elected.

Oh wait.
Nope. He got elected, his kids seem normal enough, and he has a business (although he didn't exactly "build" it from sctratch). But he's still a raging narcissist who's not that bright.
Of course I have no way of knowing if the selection of Mueller was a "Trump 4D chess move" or not ... but one does wonder ....
No dave.

No one "wonders".

If Trump played chess with a pigeon, the pigeon would give up in frustration.
So let me take a guess regarding dave's 'logic' for the last dozen pages (which I can't bother to read thoroughly):

Machines are complex.

Therefore, everything complex is a machine.

Living organisms are really complex.

Therefore, living organisms are extremely machine-y machines.

Machines are designed to perform tasks for humans, through the use of 'controls'.

Therefore (and since living organisms are machines, as we have seen), living organisms are designed to perform tasks for humans, through the use of 'controls' (BIG BUTTONS).

That concept is "Holism". Not believing in that concept is "Reductionism".

The blinking is the best part
"Look, I know you were elected as a Democrat, but that's only because our Republican was a piece of shit. So be a sport and pretend you're a Republican now, ok?"
Even I know that's not how you ride a horse.
Leaning back on horseback was used to be called California-style, iirc.
I guess that was the last straw for Alabamans.
Yeah, "εισενέγκης" pretty much means 'bring into'. I don't know what the Pope was thinking.
Dammitall wants to talk about Trump on the other thread...

Let's talk about him here instead...

Jerusalem recognized

Terror ban upheld

UN Migrant Program dropped

TPP/Climate accord dropped

Roy Moore winning Senate race

CNN credibility destroyed

Russiagate debunked

Media/Democrat perverts exposed

MagaMarket exploding

Its only been one year
Dave, as someone living on planet Earth, allow me to inquire your current whereabouts.

On the other hand (and since you have an EE degree) you might want to consider that the meta-analysis accounted for a number of confounding factors, including socio-economical status and nutrition.

And yet, you essentially accuse the authors of making a significant result out of a confounder.

Think of it this way, dave. You have Arnold and his trusty sledgehammer, and you use him for a little expleriment. You have him stand against a variety of walls, with different materials and even building techniques, and give them, first a light, then a hard swing.

You find out that:

Most of the wals, regardless of material or make, survive the first swing, and

Most of the walls, regardless of material or make, crumble under the second swing.

So, what do you think is the only meaningful conclusion we can have from the results of the experiment, dave?

1. Material and make is the crucial factor for protecting from Arnold Sledgehammer swings, or

2. When it comes to tearing down walls, Arnold and his sledgehammer kick ass?
Here it is again:

Toddlers who fall asleep with mothers' milk in their mouths often get dental caries.  Toddlers who stay awake for a while afterwards mostly don't.

Why Dave?
Your answer to this question ... "Answer this question for me ... if Arnold Schwarzeneggar beat on a 4 foot thick solid concrete wall with a sledgehammer for 1 hour would the brick wall fail? How about for 8 hours?"  will help me answer your question.
Then I'll answer it myself ...

No and no.

Point being, a strong man with a sledgehammer is no match for a heavily reinforced wall whether he beats on it for 8 hours or for just 1 hour.

Similarly, bacterial acid is no match for heavily reinforced tooth enamel in infants whether exposed for 8 hours or for just 1 hour.


So why do toddlers who fall asleep at the breast get dental caries, and toddlers who stay awake for awhile afterwards don't?

Do the ones who stay awake have stronger tooth enamel?
Why would Schwarzenegger be able to break through a thinner concrete wall - say 6" instead of 4 feet - in 8 hours but not in 1 hour?

I see everything is in order here. Carry on dave.
Your post implied that my view is that not enough unpasteurized grass-fed milk will cause bad teeth. But that's not my view. And that's not prices View. I'm using Siri and I don't know why it doesn't capitalize price and it does capitalize View. Anyway prices view is that nutrition needs to be adequate in order to have good teeth and it can be many different types of foods that Supply adequate nutrition as he explained in his book.
How is it possible for you people not to see this post I made yesterday? 
How is it possible for you not to see the responses, where people told you what e. g. means?

It would be interesting to find out if Trump's debt to DB was paid off at about the time of the Rosneft deal.
Olive oil, stereotypically. We keep some for ourselves each year and sell the rest.
If I maintain a vegetable garden that supplies, say, 10% of my personal nutritional needs, and requires no inputs (other than tools and labor), do I have a "sustainable agriculture model"? :hmm:
To me it's "sustainable" if it improves or at least doesn't degrade the land on which it's produced.   That seems to be the most straightforward definition of "sustainable"  used in an agricultural context does it not?
I have about an acre of olive trees myself. They are low-input, they certainly don't degrade the soil, and in fact they are helpful in water retention and management, as well as biodiversity.

I'm sustainable, baybee! In an agricultural context, even!
Was listening to Rush at lunchtime and he's going on hard offense against Mueller talking about how obstruction is a procedural crime and that the DOJ (whose DOJ was it that appointed Mueller again?) broke the law by appointing Mueller without an underlying crime to investigate and therefore any obstruction charges that flow from the fraudulent investigation are bogus and should be voided.

Couple that with Trump's lawyers talking about how the President cannot obstruct justice and I'm pretty convinced obstruction charges against Trump are pretty close to dropping.
I think bill clinton and the ghost of nixon would both be fascinated to learn that obstruction charges don't work if you're not guilty of any underlying crime
Nixon had commited treason in the past, however, and many people knew it, so that could also have affected- oh wait
Much like scientists become frauds with an "agenda" that fudge data, the minute you realize you cannot dispute their research.
That is exactly what you always say to yourself. When your arguments fail, others immediately become dishonest lying liars who lie.
As for unwashed hands, you are betraying your ignorance of microbiology.
That's more-or-less what they told Semelweiss.
But do they eat grains?

Read the pdf you lazy know-nothing.
I did.  I don't see anything in there about grains. I suppose this means that you didn't read it either?
What does the faq say the cows eat, Dave?
Grass and silage. Nothing about grain. So one is left to wonder.
"Wonder"... What?
Have you seen ANY of those European vending machines guarantee that all of the milk comes from cows that never get fed grain?
I guess it would be pretty unwise to buy any milk from any of those machines without that explicit guarantee.

Right, Hawkins?
I personally would not buy raw milk from a vending machine.
Lol, seriously?
and here come the nixonian legal arguments
So the President cannot obstruct justice because he represents justice. Trump IS the Law.