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No there's plenty of material here to justify the criticism you receive from me.
How did YOU receive our criticism of your pig idea? Specifically Photon's warnings about cold and respiratory problems?

Anything besides downright denial (which you STILL display)?
Then you should have no problem shooing me off to a link Dave. That would be enough if you really did answer the question.
We answered the question for him. He didn't like the answer.
Oh, it was a thing of beauty. After an actual linguist communicated with us to essentially tell us that dave is full of shit, and that French influence on Portuguese was "significant, yet not as pronounced" to warrant such claims, dave declared victory because that was what he (supposedly) meant all along. Plus, he morphed his argument into something like: "Portuguese Dialect that would become Portuguese = Spanish Dialect that would become Spanish + French Dialect that would become French (+ Other Factors)".

Then he called everyone clowns and idiots, and ran away.

Good times.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Trump proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day'
The proclamation goes on to say that in order to express our country's loyalty to "individual liberties, to limited government, and to the inherent dignity of every human being," May 1 will be known as 'Loyalty Day.'


Hmmm. Says here and here Loyalty Day was already a thing, and has been since 1921 (although, I've never heard of it). It does sound like the exact sort of stupid thing Trump would make up, though.
It was an attempt to downplay the international importance of May 1 as Labour Day. Similar attempts had failed spectacularly in Europe, but it sort-of caught on in the US partly because of the Red scare. Makes sense that Trump would want to bring it back.

That reminds me: You STILL owe NCSE some money from our bet, back then.
The pig mishap was not serious stupidity. It was just complete lack of experience. Goats and rabbits do just fine with extreme cold - like below zero - so it didn't even enter my head to consider 30s and 40s being a problem for a pig.
Even though you were warned
No one here warned me about 30s and 40s. They warned me about overheating and "your pigs will eat your chickens."
Now you're just lying.
If you morons really want to start a campaign against animal cruelty, there are plenty of places for you to go do that.  Have you ever studied up on the dairy industry?   How about the feedlot industry? Do you realize that those cattle would die very young from liver failure if they weren't killed first for beef?   And don't even get me started on concentration camp chicken.  Some of you people really need to go seek professional help.
None of that excuses you own cruelty Dave
There is no animal cruelty happening on my property.  Quite the opposite.  You are a liar.
What happened to the 🐷

Eta: although in general I agree that you aren't really being cruel exactly to your goats even though given space to explore, they will tend to use it to play. That may be because I don't really like goats though.

However, putting a baby pig in a moving pen in winter at least counts as serious stupidity which led to the death of an animal.

You actually interact with your animals and they are in healthy space, even if that that is small and moves.  You aren't being cruel.

The pig mishap was not serious stupidity. It was just complete lack of experience. Goats and rabbits do just fine with extreme cold - like below zero - so it didn't even enter my head to consider 30s and 40s being a problem for a pig.
Even though people warned you about it. As I've shown you. Links and all.

Since you say you have no confirmation bias, and you're all about "doing excellent scientific work", remind me: What was your reaction to the criticism?
So you guys are biased as hell against my goat system just based upon your own  uninformed speculation. You have no appreciation for the experimental process involved in creating something new for rabbits - a mobile colony which I'm not sure has ever been done by anyone anywhere.   And you are freaking out over my loss of a piglet which was an honest mistake due to brand new experimental systems.

So not only do you guys suck at science yourselves, but you are total hypocrites because you accuse me of sucking at science while committing even worse scientific misdeeds than I do.

In short, you are complete assholes.

And it's good that I'm finding this out. Because 11 years ago I was under the impression that people with advanced science degrees were generally decent human beings.  Boy was I wrong!
Oh boy.

I wonder if there is a way to convey to you just how pathetic all that sounds.

Perhaps if you imagined someone else saying those things to you?
Let me repeat and summarize this so you get the full picture of Faid's arrogance.

 Firstly, I myself have had two bad experiences with goats in the past. Secondly, I hear stories all the time from people who have also had bad experiences with goats.  Thirdly, I just related an incident about a friend of mine who has a decent sized farm and has years and years of experience with farming  including goats and even she was  lamenting on Facebook about what a pain in the ass they are and how they are constantly escaping and causing trouble.

 In spite of all this, Faid the all knowing medical doctor "knows of a better way."


You STILL don't get it, do you?
The arrogance here is mind-boggling.

"I'm a medical doctor so that means I'm smarter than anyone... I know more about goats then even a lady who has a farm with perhaps 100 animals including goats and chickens and cows and rabbits."

I have discovered a way to simulate natural goat browsing behavior more closely
I know of an even better way!

Oh? Buy some goats and show me. :popcorn:
That's the beauty of it- I don't have to.

In fact, I'm pretty sure you know the way yourself.

Think about it.
I have discovered a way to simulate natural goat browsing behavior more closely
I know of an even better way!


"I loved my previous life. I had so many things going," Trump told Reuters in an interview. "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier."
He thought being President was like being a King, apparently.
So ... now in addition to being an expert on rotational grazing and "how Dave should do it correctly" ... Borealis is now also an expert on International Trade.


This should be fun.
Enjoy your ongoing ignorance about your pasture. I've seen enough pics of it by now to know that it almost exclusively contains a standard mix of domesticated hay type grasses. Since you don't let your goats browse the edges or the woods, not really a problem, though it sucks for the goats.

You're pretty much the only person I've ever encountered who delights in being a know-nothing.
I know a lot about things which actually matter to me.  But not much about things like under water basket weaving.
It certainly appears that foreign policy and relations (if not politics in general) are like underwater basket weaving to you.

I mean come on, dave. You could have easily figured out yourself what the stance of Canada and Mexico is, regarding NAFTA.
Just like you could have found out yourself that China had already embargoed North Korea in accordance to UN sanctions since February. And not because of any chocolate cake, but in response to the intensifying of NK ballistic tests.

But of course, that would require a basic interest in foreign politics, and a basic willingness to look things up yourself. Apparently, you lack both.

Which makes you an excellent target for alt-right propaganda. You know nothing beyond your little neck of the woods, and have no interest of learning. Why not accept all the BS your wacko sites feed you? Hell, you actually think that foreign leaders are like naive natives, dazzled by the splendor and grandeur of Mar-A-Lago, of all places. FFS.

Your standards are set by your limits, and you have no interest of expanding those limits. You are the epitome of a Gullible Rube.

"Silly octohatters. It's always the same with you: 'Oh, the Universe appears to be old? That means it IS old'. 'Oh, Trump appears to have flip-flopped with no visible gain? That means he DID flip-flop with no visible gain'.

In both cases, you fail to comprehend the intricate and obscure machinations involved in the Master's Grand Design."
"Yesterday he was going to leave NAFTA. Today he isn't. What did he accomplish?"

He he ...

Read "Art of the Deal."
What for? You obviously haven't. you've just read some alt-right wacko's comments about it, and engaged in mutual multiple jerk-offs over your Idol's supposed "genius".

Go ahead, dave. Tell us. What did Trump gain by his latest flip-flop? WHAT CHANGED?

Lemme guess- It's all part of his 14D-chess plan, and us plebes are too stoopid to get it.

We've been through this before.

From the only source Hawkins has (to my knowledge) ever cited on the subject of % rainforest canopy cover:

Our results document that the conversion of rainforest to extensive cacao agroforestry with high shading levels strongly impacts plant biomass and carbon storage as well as diversity of forest-using plant and insect species.The transition from forest to cacao agroforestry resulted in a loss of ~60% of the forest-based species with plant species being more strongly affected than mobile insect taxa. It seems reasonable to assume that rare, specialized, and endangered species are represented disproportionately high in this fraction (6), underlining the limitations of agroforestry for conser- vation of forest species (16). ...

In summary, our findings imply a concave, nonlinear relationship of canopy cover in agroforestry systems with biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. A doubling of income goes along with reduction of shade cover from ~80% to 35-50%, most likely resulting only in limited losses of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. In contrast, the conversion of forests to agroforestry systems in the first place as well as the complete removal of canopy trees as the final step of land use intensification, each result in disproportionate ecological losses.
Hawkins's own source

IIRC, dave's only response was that sure, there may be a decrease of biodiversity that way, but the (apparently only remaining) alternative of completely destroying the rainforest would cause even more  loss.

I wonder if he considers the same sole alternative for US forests...

Said Trump before he pinned the Purple Heart, given to those who are wounded or killed in the line of duty, on Barrientos's shirt, "I heard about this and I wanted to do it myself. Congratulations on behalf of Melania, myself, and the entire nation. Tremendous job."
Hey it could've been worse. He could've blamed him for being a shitty soldier who get killed, injured or captured.
Lol, back then people thought there was a "line" that Trump could "cross"
"disgrace" seems to figure prominently in Trump's hundred-or-so word vocabulary.
He probably heard it a lot growing up.
Trump may have realized that if he pushes the deep state too far he may wind up like JFK.
If anyone ever wondered if there's a threshold, beyond which all capability of rational thought and evaluation is lost, and the person becomes a mindless fanatic... That's it, right there.

It's when, in one's mind, any and all evidence against their position, become evidence for a conspiracy against their position, and therefore evidence for their position.

There's no hope beyond that point. And it seems dave's crossed it long ago.
Gutfeld is a jerk:
His latest book is called "How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct". Without even looking up what it's about, my guess is: He took Schopenhauer's Art of Being Right, revised the framework and adapted arguments, then served it as a serious, non-satirical book.
Nah, even in the 18th Century there was tonnes of trade, spices, cotton, wool, gold, all kinds of stuff from the colonies, and then manufactured goods back to them. Plus industries making things there springing up, etc, etc. I'm probably ignoring rampant protectionism, etc, but nations weren't in any way self sufficient then. He'll even in the Bronze age there was extensive trade around the Mediterranean and it wasn't limited to just there, it had routes going as far as Cornwall, the Indus Valley, etc, etc.
Yeah. Dave's idea of trade is basically Neolithic. Early Neolithic.

"The People of the Plains trade with the People of the Coast because the People of the Coast can't get hides, and the People of the Plains can't get seashells and beads. Such is the Way of Things, as Great Mother intended.
But no Brave from the People of the Plains will ever trade his beads with the People of the Valley, just because their hides are warmer and they ask less beads for them! If they do, Terrific Chief has the right, within the lawful extent of his Bigly power, to take their beads and bash their skulls in, according to the Taboo Act of 9834."
This is some funny shit ....

People with PhD's and Masters degrees and such other things I pathologically envy them for... thinking I'm not going to have Volvos and iPhones in my Brave New World even though I have explained in detail that I'll totally cross that bridge when I get to it, sheesh.