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Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
not a surprise.  hopefully outside policy advocates can pick up the slack and provide concrete guidance that can be used when a future administration reconvenes the committee.  it's already sort of what they do.  maybe rival groups (environmentalists and business), recognizing the importance of such a federal committee, can form a joint council and negotiate some common ground areas.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I remember when that ^^ was funny.  seems like a million years ago.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
re bannon, an added bonus is that he was one of the few of trump's inner circle who isn't in legal jeopardy wrt russia.  makes the trump WH less robust against whatever comes of mueller's investigation.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
is the insane fox news sheriff on there?  not arpaio, I mean the black guy with the goatee who's so tough on crime he just kills people before they've had a trial.

iirc, he was under considersation for something major, was unofficially offered a job", and then the white house yoinked the offer before he started.  possibly because he is under investigation for murder.  ordinarily even that might not stop trump, but the russia issue was picking up at the time, so maybe his lawyers steered him away from it.
and the white people all smoked their pipes in their leather chairs and pondered their storied family histories
Oh so last night I looked into my great great grandfather's service in the Civil War, and it turns out he served under Sherman! He received his second wound at Kennesaw Mtn (the first was at Missionary Ridge). He went back again after healing, and then reenlisted and served in the occupation after the war.

My Great Great Grandfather and his brother served under Sherman as well. His brother died during the Battle of Atlanta.

my great great grandfather also fought for the north.  I think he was technically under grant's command for much of his time, but only because grant was so high up.

biggest battle he was in was Chickamauga, which was a big confederate win.  his regiment was held back in reserve.  when the commander tried to pull them up, they were pinned down by an ambush by forces under Nathaniel Bedford Forrest.  yes, that Nathaniel Bedford Forrest.  I consider it a badge of honor for my ancestor to have been shot at by that guy and his troops. 

he got wounded in the foot (either there or another battle....   don't remember... ), but returned to action later.
fun factoid of the day:

there's a pre-IE substrate in celtic languages with some words apparently related to words in basque.  this tracks with archaeological and genetic evidence that, as the glaciers receded, people from the ice age refuge in Spain moved due north and populated France and the British isles.
I don't know a ton about the antifa movement, so I could be wrong, but I suspect they are opposed to fascism as their name suggests.

for people to he convincing themselves the antifa are as bad as the fascists, I have to think their brains have been rotted by fox's false equivalences.  they're actually both-sidesing nazis.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: puff the magic dragon
^^ sounds similar to what writer of the original poem intended.  he had written an additional (now lost) verse that didn't make it into the song, about another boy coming along and befriending puff. so it ended on a happy note, rather than the almost pure sadness the song leaves you with.
and swing dancin with the coloreds
Wow, I expected them to be indirectly useful idiots, but not to be directly pro-Kremlin.
galactic brain take

I should have guessed this would be your answer. 

ETA: Everything is a slippery slope, that's why you have the conversation beforehand.  The point is, there is a level of association with slavery that we are willing to tolerate.  You can avoid talking about that through snarky internet one-liners, if you want, but you'll be no closer to a satisfactory answer.
no, some things are slippery slopes, some are not.  "slippery slope" arguments get thrown around too easily, as a kind of pseudologic.  there has to be something about the action that is self-reinforcing - some kind of feedback loop - that makes it hard to prevent overshooting.

for example, giving up basic freedoms to the state can be a slippery slope, if it allows power hungry politicians to entrench themselves, and then take away additional freedoms.  .......  or, getting too aggressive with a nuclear-armed adversary can be a slippery slope, because they might escalate in turn, starting a cycle that leads to nuclear war.

otoh, there are plenty of actions that you wouldn't expect to be self-accelerating.  throwing a rock in a lake.  running a marathon.  building the world's largest ball of twine.  you wouldn't expect any of these to lead to a dangerous feedback loop.

now, you're saying tearing down confederate monuments is a slippery slope.  how?  what makes it likely to cause a dangerous feedback loop?  and what might it lead to?
I dunno, WT, if Washington had lost, you at least might have a decent single payer health care system right now. :hmm:
getting trolled into a serious reply here but it's not clear that the british empire would become anything like the constellation of countries it is today had the americans lost the war for independence.
Alternate history is never clear, how could it be? If the French had retained their control of Louisbourg, if Montcalm had prevailed on the Plains of Abraham, how different would Canada look today? Plausibly better in some ways, worse in others, maybe smaller, possibly bigger.

Seriously considering new sig:

Accidentally trolled tioH into serious reply while idly trolling Worldtraveller
guapo's alternate history:

america doesn't get independence.  therefore, when Haitian independence leaves napoleon unable to defend the Louisiana territory, the americans don't make a mutually beneficial deal, and instead the British army takes the territory by force.  napoleon doesn't get a bunch of cash at a critical moment, and fizzles a few years earlier.
at least he doesn't brag about not bragging about not bragging about it
I suppose they both do share the hypocrisy of believing they were fighting for freedom despite owning slaves.  however, Lee bought into a tortured ideology that rationalized slavery as somehow the pro-freedom side of the conflict, whereas Washington simply ignored the cognitive dissonance.

purely judging skill as a general, I gather Lee is considered something approaching a genius, but Washington was average at best.
fact: if you put them side by side, it would be impossible to tell them apart.  even scientists wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

A personal lawyer to President Donald Trump forwarded an email comparing Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee to founding US President George Washington, and saying that the activist movement Black Lives Matter "has been totally infiltrated by terrorist groups," The New York Times reported Wednesday evening.

The email, with the subject line "The Information that Validates President Trump on Charlottesville," was forwarded by Trump lawyer John Dowd to conservative journalists, government officials and friends, the Times reported, citing a copy of the email that was provided to them by one of its recipients.

Dowd, a well-known DC-based attorney, joined Trump's personal legal team in June.

On Washington and Lee, the email argues that "both owned slaves," "both rebelled against the ruling government," "both men's battle tactics are still taught at West Point," "both were great men, great Americans and great commanders" and "both saved America."

"There literally is no difference between the two men," the email says, according to The Times. "You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington."

what a flailing shithead
Hey, NoVA people, your input on renaming Route 1 which I still refuse to call by its other dumb name:
thank you for this.  wife and I will sign in a heartbeat.

eta: whoops, didn't read at first.  awesome that they already decided to change it.

eta2: if the hillbillies don't like Lincoln as a name, we can do Sherman instead
yeah, I know.  it's "machismo".  he put the o in the wrong place.
I love how Ty gets all macho about who would or would not actually be involved in an actual resistance movement.
do you really love it, or are you just saying that?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Trump's making the gamble that preserving his base is all he needs to do, and everyone else will forget all this like everything else he's done. Which is probably a safe bet.

I think this is making it much more of a calculation than what it actually is, which is that Trump doesn't think anything he says can possibly be wrong, or that there can be anything wrong with people who support him.
I have gone back and forth between these two theories.

I'll say this.  IF trump is calculating that he just has to keep his core supporters happy, he may be right.  at least for the purposes of avoiding impeachment.  impeachment is ultimately a political exercise.  mueller could find tapes of trump murdering someone while robbing a bank and stopping to molest children on the way out, and if the gop congress is scared enough of primary challenges he could get away with it.
percentage-based probabilities on a complex sociological event with no clear definition

imma need guapo's odds that the statistics are accurate before I can make a decision

(meaning 0%)

the average American is as far removed from war, in both space and time, as just about any civilian population in world history.  even if violent unrest started escalating to the point where civil war became thinkable, there would then be a mass chickening out.  people would realize war isn't cool like in the movies; that it's a big lose-lose that involves good and/or innocent people dying senselessly and in horrible ways, and btw the destruction of a lot of wealth and property, which are the things americans care most about.  people would start thinking about their families and jobs and come to their senses.