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"Joel Salatin's 400 cow day pasture is BS"
I don't believe anyone has posted that
The search function indicates that Hawkins made it up.
And put it in quotes.
As if someone HAD posted it.

Standard Hawkins M.O.
Science / Re: A blue halo
Spooky how Dave's response to accusations of dishonesty with counter accusations of dishonest mirrors that of his choice of president.
See sig, below.
For once Hawkins was more accurate than I think he'll ever realize.  :(
OK let's settle this once and for all ...

<  clip the usual bullshit consisting of unsourced cherry-picked numbers, wishful "if"s, "I think"s and "thought experiments"  >

So you really think that "settles" anything, "once and for all"?
Yes.  At least for honest people. Probably not for dishonest people.
Ah, yes.
The standard narcissist definition of 'honest' :  "agrees with me!"

No,  the usual bullshit consisting of unsourced cherry-picked numbers, wishful "if"s, "I think"s and "thought experiments" doesn't settle anything for anyone.
OK let's settle this once and for all ...

<  clip the usual bullshit consisting of unsourced cherry-picked numbers, wishful "if"s, "I think"s and "thought experiments"  >

So you really think that "settles" anything, "once and for all"?
Yes I know you don't claim to have a world saving plan. And that's fine. Not everyone is as ambitious  delusional  as I am.

News Flash: 
You don't have a world saving plan, either.
"And yet you just presented it as fact. While it is part of the very thing you are pretending to research."

 OK this solves my mystery. I now understand why you  are saying these things.

 Maybe it's because I wasn't clear, but I see that you are operating under the impression that I am researching the basic principles of HMG.

I am not.

 I accepted those as settled fact long ago.

 What I am researching is different ways of implementing these HMG principles.  Ways which can benefit the small holder.

NOW  do you understand?

So you are not bothering to measure anything because you are ASSUMING that "the basic principles of HMG" are "settled fact long ago"*,  and you are now "researching is different ways of implementing these HMG principle". But you're not bothering to do any measurements. Because you ASSUME that "the basic principles of HMG" apply to your bizarre idiosyncratic implementation of it.

* in fact, that is an unwarranted assumption, but that's another issue.

NOW  do you understand?
I think we have all understood this for quite a while now.
Science / Re: A blue halo
When do we get to the part where all of standard science is wrong and "Socratic Analysis" reveals the deeper truth that has escaped the technocratic plodders?  :dunno:
The reason you are baffled is that you are unable to grasp nuance. Everyone else is perfectly capable of understanding that rotational grazing is one of many strategies we can deploy to manage soil conditions, one that has strengths and weaknesses which can give it advantages and disadvantages which vary according to climate, initial soil conditions, socio-economic environment, and so forth and so on. You, apparently, are not.
The other important "nuance" that seems to escape Hawkins is the question of degree.
If I take my* pet guinea pig out to munch on different sections of my* 10 acre pasture every day, I could be said to be practicing "rotational grazing". But to ASSUME that - because I use the same term - I am having the same effect on the land as the cattle rancher next door who is practicing rotational grazing in the sense that other ranchers would recognize not laugh at would be pretty dumb.

* hypothetically speaking. I don't actually have a pet guinea pig or 10 acres of pasture.
I also am baffled that people cannot understand that rotational grazing enhances pasture.
Did someone say he or she "cannot understand that rotational grazing enhances pasture."   :dunno:

Far as I can tell, you seem to be referring to some conversation between the voices in your head.

If it were a conversation with actual people, terms like "rotational grazing" and "enhance" would be defined and at least roughly quantified.

First of all, EVERYONE - science degreed or not is affected by confirmation bias.
That does not mean that EVERYONE is equally affected by it. In fact, EVERYONE is not. Some MUCH more than others.
  We must all guard against it.
But you do not.
Secondly, you are correct that "my system enhances pasture" IS an assumption - it's not something I've personally measured and verified - but what you are overlooking is that it is a well supported assumption, with the work of thousands of ranchers all over the world supporting it.
What YOU are overlooking is the HUGE differences between what you are doing and what ANY of these "thousands of ranchers all over the world" - those among them who actually have any data at all, that is - are doing.

And it's posts like this that cause me to shake my head in amazement that grown adults with advanced science degrees make these kinds of mistakes in basic logic.
You have not identified a single "mistake in basic logic" in the quoted post.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
It was Kelly, not Trump, who gave that performance.
I don't know if he realized he was putting Dear Leader in the less-than-the-best category, or if maybe Dear Leader gets a pass because as Commander In Chief he gets to be considered part of the √úbermenschen class.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
yeah, Kelly is basically a fucking fascist
The coda at the end of that show yesterday was particularly revealing.
(paraphrasing here:) "Yeah, I suppose we have to accept the existence of some of :yuck: you people :yuck: who have never been in the military. But, you know, I actually feel sorry for you, because you'll never know the satisfaction of serving your country and being in the elite company of the best humans on the planet".

That and the "Things that used to be sacred... like women"  shtick.             :barf:
I wonder if he really thought that one through.
Maybe you'd accomplish more if you didn't obsessively nurse that enormous chip on your shoulder.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
just overwhelming incompetence
... coupled with incredible overconfidence and arrogance (case in point - just one of thousands - that cringe-worthy session with the governor of Puerto Rico, giving himself "10 out of 10", "nobody's ever seen such a great response!", etc. etc. :barf:   )

It's the Dunning-Kruger poster child with the nuclear football.  :staregonk:
Hahahaha ...  this forum is good for laughs if nothing else. Grown adults with advanced science degrees acting like complete jackasses.
Poor dave. That chip will never go away.
in the humble opinion of one militantly ignorant jackass, anyway.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
assuming most or all of the distortion happened between the prepared statement and trump's mouth.
Well we've heard the word salad he spews when the whole world is watching - e.g. how he's going to do this or that "in the next period of time" ::) -  it's not hard to imagine he'd ineptly screw up the script that Kelly had given him with what he thought would be an audience of just one. In fact, it's hard to imagine that he wouldn't.
Standard Hawkins M.O.:
Invent strawman.
" lol " at said strawman.
Tut-tut about how dumb someone would have to be to have come up with said strawman.
Projecting again.
You really have no idea how transparent you are, do you?

Hint: what is lithium prescribed for?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
George W. Bush's unmistakable takedown of Trumpism -- and Trump

I never expected to see the day when Dubya would come to represent the more rational and respectable wing of the Republican party.

But I think he's blind to the key role he himself played in the chain of events that has resulted in the current global nightmare.
To wit: the calamitous, unnecessary war in Iraq --> rise of ISIS & flood of refugees --> rise of xenophobia and right-wing nationalist and nativist movements throughout the west.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
It was Jeb!'s campaign. But wouldn't it just increase its legitimacy if it was commissioned by the FBI rather a political campaign?
I guess that depends on who the target audience is.
For that hard-core ~ 35% that seems thoroughly immune to reality, it would be more confirmation of the Deep State having it in for their hero.