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Watch Ivanka blame the media for giving dear old pa a bad name. If you can stomach it,
WTF does that all have to do with Marine le Pen?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
What Trump meant was Canada's disgraceful whining.
Meh. Junkies.
Science / Re: Thylacine in Queensland?
TBH I think the main motivation for this study is to get better information on which species really are on Cape York, and in what numbers. The whole thylacine thing is incidental.
Both. It's win/win.
And if they are left to live in the sewers and live off catching rats, this will make them more competitive.
Yes, the bigger the market, the greater the potential gains from scaling up.


The factory could be in Japan ... or the US ... or Bum Fuck Egypt ... and "economies of scale" principles would apply.
Right, so no reason to not build cars in Japan and ship them to the US. Sorted. :parrot:
Are there any fundamental reasons why anybody in the United States should have to buy any  manufactured product from any other country?    I really cannot think of any.
Hmm. Are there any fundamental reasons why anybody outside the United States should have to buy any manufactured product from the US?
Guys, you have to understand that Trump is a big picture guy, who doesn't get bogged down in details like where his major military strike forces are in the world, or if significant allies are in fact part of an opposing superpower.

And "Schrodinger's aircraft carrier" is awesome. :grin:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

News comes today that ExxonMobil is applying for a U.S. government waiver on sanctions against the Kremlin that are keeping the company from developing new oil reserves in Russia.

The sanctions in question, imposed in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, specifically forbid U.S. corporate deals with Rosneft and specifically named the head of the company as a dangerously influential loyalist of  Vladimir Putin's.

And the reserves in questions amount to a reported 100 million barrels of oil that would require a partnership investment between Russia and Exxon of perhaps as much as $500 billion to extract. Exxon has already squandered (pre-sanctions) $1 billion in investor money on the partnership, which--make no mistake--promises to lose money if it were somehow allowed to proceed.

To be sure, there is shrewd method to Exxon's latest madness.

In the very short term, on April 28, the company has a quarterly earnings call on which eager stock analysts will more than likely take the bait on Exxon-Rosneft and use their allotted time to go down the rabbit hole. What better way to deflect another shoddy quarter of performance?

Expect the company to want the script to focus instead on breathless speculation around the U.S. government response to the sanctions-waiver request and the implications of doing business with Putin rather than to zero in responsibly on the fact that $55-per-barrel oil years will continue to hinder profits and shareholder payments for the next few years at least.
Jeremy Corbyn will insist the result of June's general election is not a foregone conclusion on Thursday, as he launches Labour's campaign by pledging to bust the "cosy cartel" of British politics.

Speaking in Westminster, Corbyn will shrug off his party's double-digit deficit in the polls and insist Labour is poised to form the next government.
Or, to put it another way, "Anaemic mouse causes widespread terror after going on rampage armed with overly-boiled asparagus".
Who the hell can take people like that seriously?
Dave. He of "talking snakes are so real" and "Noah was immune to the effects of potassium 40 decay".

Next question?
Dave never acknowledges his faceplants.
There's a ton of work that's come out on this and it really does seem that there are shifts in life history strategies both within and between communities across the P-Tr, which is consistent with the climatic hypothesis but not really consistent at all with a toxicity hypothesis.
Great. Then you'll be pleased to know that this paper is supporting the climactic hypothesis[1], and is not intended to provide any support whatsoever for a toxicity hypothesis.
Specifically, increased methanogenesis by archaea, leading to increased global temperature.
But it's not about environmental toxicity at all. Beats me where you got that idea.

It's about methanogenesis by archaea, who relied on a supply of nickel for their metabolism. IOW, it's more about nutrient supply, or at least catalyst supply, than it is about environmental toxicity. They're not suggesting every fucking critter on the planet came down with heavy metal poisoning. They're suggesting that foaming lava may be a mechanism by which large numbers of archaea ultimately got stuff they wanted to eat.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
You just keep telling yourself that. :parrot:
Oh? And why is that?
That's poetic. You have got to love it.

Although I think the wife's attorneys will be trying to show that he's batshit insane.
:rofl: Well, yeah. Go thing they had the caption or I would have got it wrong.
You're doing the typical scientist thing and getting all technical.
:rofl: Classic.
It's hard not to see it as a sign that the global resource wars have begun in earnest.
You've lost me. How does that follow?