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The House investigation has always been a sham, the Senate one a little less do. The only one that really matters is Mueller.

I could punch roberts. he's said and done a lot of things I have strongly disagreed with, but I've never seen cult of ignorance masturbation from him before
He said voters will look askance at the notion that districts failed to meet a complex formula that assesses wasted votes and a so-called "efficiency gap." The chief justice called such evidence "sociological gobbedlygook," or at least suggested some will see it that way.

"The intelligent man on the street is going to say, 'That's a bunch of baloney. It must be because the Supreme Court favored Democrats or Republicans,'" Roberts said. "That's going to cause a very serious harm to the status...of the decisions of this court in the eyes of the country."
unless he really just meant he was worried about that perception, and did not mean to imply there was any merit to it.  ....  certainly clarity and simplicity are important if they're going to lay down a new standard.

but kennedy can and might save the day regardless of what roberts does.  thinking / hoping he'll vote to strike down the gerrymander in this specific case, and write a very carefully worded opinion that calls these formulas "evidence" of unconstitutional gerrymander, but cautions that they are not conclusive on their own and a simple and universal test is probably not possible.
Hi John Roberts is a trash moron and Shelby County is the worst ruling in at least a generation.
It's almost like those two "Gen X" cohorts are not actually part of the same generation.
yeah i noticed that, a lot of people put the early-to-mid-30s in with millennials too (which would only strengthen the point).

That's age in 2012 though, so those cutoffs look close to what I'd expect.

Gen X being smug about millennials when they're largely Reagan loving trash is always amusing.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

Most of us would "rather not," but ignoring this crazy piece of shit who happens to be President of the goddamn United States doesn't make it all go away, you fucking coward.
Ms pig balls should have Trump's tweets injected into her eyeballs
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
gillibrand is going to run in 2020
She's been setting herself up since last November, and has been more fiery and direct in her criticisms of Republican bullshit than others.

There will still be headwinds against any woman candidate from our garbage culture, but she's also much less likely to have rape skeletons in her closet than any of her make colleagues.
this could go a lot of places but i'm putting it here

I saw that interview live this morning and that was such a dumb, Democratic answer.

Say some shit about the will of the voters, hell steal McConnell's language about the supreme court seat bullshit directly.

Decorum must be killed for the country to be saved.
That headline is proof we're in the dumbest possible timeline
I am so disappointed in my generation.
:sadyes:  Me too.
I remember when I was in college, and Nixon ended the draft, my then gf said "Watch now:  our progressive, anti-war, anti-establishment generation is going to go back to God, Country and Capitalism" (or words to that effect).
 I really didn't believe it at the time, but ... damn.
I just hope  those younger voters really do "keep this vision alive" - and it's not just an age thing, where every generation leans further and further right as they senesce.

It was only ever a minority of that generation that wasn't conservative shitheads, at least talking about white people. Plenty of your cohort enthusiastically supported Vietnam, Reagan, innumerable awful garbage
Still a little drunk on lmaos
Doesn't matter to a significant portion of the electorate though.
A significant portion of people believe admitting being wrong and issuing corrections when you learn new information is a sign of weakness, stupidity, etc. Compare to Trump, who never admits to being wrong and they view as a strong leader.

Like fundamentalists' view of science correcting and evolving theories and understanding of the world rather than maintaining a singular "truth" eternally.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Macron
Macron was also lecturing someone in Burkina for daring to question the level of investment in education versus troops there.

Nazis are always worse but macron is extremely bad himself.
I like Coates, but newsflash: $100k/year is still working class.

We've got an awful hockey stick distribution of wealth and income, but there is a huge difference in the material quality of life and financial security between a family warming $100k and one earning say $40k. Yeah, yeah we're all wage slaves a few bad breaks from destitution, but I'm not going to pretend to really understand the everyday stress of the single mom who doesn't know how she's going to buy diapers and pay rent this Friday. It's worth making that distinction even if the high end distorts a lot.

the salt is delicious

The best way to fight sexual assault is to vote child molesters into positions of power.
Can't molest children if he's too busy Senatoring!
been thinking this over and i've decided that white people should not be allowed to vote.

i will literally unironically irl vote to disenfranchise myself.
Agreed, but change "to vote" to "to live"
All of the salt tonight is what I was looking forward to last November. Savoring this fine 2017 vintage.
Drunk on lmaos

This phrase is beautiful.

Also taking the time to enjoy the endless barrage of "and the horse he rode in on" jokes.

It's a great night to be in Vegas for work.
The GOP basically had to do everything possible wrong at every step to lose this race.

And they did lol
"us child fucking bigot lawless assholes have been put in an unfavorable light"

Drunk on lmaos
Ahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

Get fucked you child molesting asshole
landline IVR (emerson) versus cell/land live polling (Fox, which uses a legitimate polling operation for their polls)

This sounds extremely trite, but it's all about who turns out and that's partly why we're seeing such different poll results. Wildly different assumptions about who will make up the electorate. If it's 2016-style, Moore wins +5 or more. If his turnout is depressed at all and Jones can drive up the youth and black turnout, he could win by 2/3 points. I wouldn't be shocked by anything from Jones +5 to Moore +10.

We'll know in about 26 or so hours, I guess.
Does this change the minimum number of votes Republicans need?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

we're not far from "LOL I WILL RAPE YOUR DAUGHTER AND IT WILL BE FUN TRUMP 2020" tshirts
I feel like shooting these people in preemptive self defense should be legal
OTOH East India Tea Company, Dutch Congo, etc.

It's just capitalism.
It gets corrected, but a majority of people are still only going to see the initial misreport, not the correction.

The first two seem like they could be honest mistakes or confusion on both the media outlet's and the source's ends. Very close to the truth, different in important ways, but it's understandable how those could be messed up.

The CNN one renders the story completely meaningless.