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The New York times is no angel
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
сука блять
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
He went to Jared's!

to get all the top-secret intel for free lmao
I miss Reid  :smith:
He wrote it. He's quoting someone.
he's quoted long-time idiot Alan Dershowitz
Politics and Current Events / Re: Fox News
Meanwhile on Fox News, Tucker Carlson is going full-blown 50's style white supremacist

Schumer should adopt this tactic imo
Guy was a 24 year old homeschooled conservative
Nah, death penalty for all prosecutorial abuses of power imo
Politics and Current Events / Re: Fox News
He's been going on Fox for a decade but now they've gone too far lol

Fox was purposefully set up as a right wing propaganda channel by Ailes. It's always been this bad. This particular dude has said plenty of loony shit on Fox News himself.
Blew himself up this morning as police closed in
He's definitely had to shift pretty far to his left in the past year, but that just leaves him at "about as good as Joe Manchin"

I care less about Schumer being in the Senate itself than being leader. He's gotta be the weakest minority leader in decades, especially when you consider what people are clamoring for right now.
It's close but extremely bad Dem Lipinski didn't get primaried :smith:

Also lol the jurisdiction thing - it's still somehow amazing to me how many mediocre dudes consistently manage to end up in these powerful, highly paid positions when they're so unbelievably fucking dumb about some very important things.

the literal CEO of a company registered in Delaware, USA: the US government has no jurisdiction!

Politics and Current Events / Cambridge Analytica
Probably deserves it own thread at this point

Millennial women nope-ing the fuck outta conservatism post-2014 to the tune of a 70-23 split  :ohmy:
more data

eta: excellent x-post :fistbump:

really it's white people and in particular white men that are just the worst