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Yeah, that's pretty much my understanding -the email seems fine to me on their own, and doesn't seem like it could be targeted by that second part ("may not ... require students or faculty to publicly express a given view of social policy."), but the grading decisions are wrong, and could be targeted by that second part.
Portuguese IS a mixture of Spanish and French ...  if by "Spanish" and "French" we mean "the language that became modern Spanish" and "the language that became modern French"
Yeah, perhaps  in the sense that English is a mixture of Latin and German.

Beyond that...    :no:

I don't see what the Sydney Morning Herald has to do with any of this.
No there's plenty of material here to justify the criticism you receive from me.
But you are not able to justify any of it.
Your "arguments" consist pretty much entirely of name-calling.
Politics and Current Events / Re: #FyreFestival
Last post by MSG -
the tag line is a killer
And baby, they forgot to make me sign an NDA.
Interesting that the first link I read for raising rabbits in a colony talks about giving 10 sq ft per rabbit. That doesn't sound too portable to me. Your cages on wheels don't seem to give rabbits much space to avoid each other when they want. In fact it doesn't sound like a rabbit colony, but a bunch of cages on wheels.

Now maybe you're using the word "colony" to mean "a bunch of rabbits all bunged in the same hutch and a couple of cages they can have a litter in", rather than "something designed to replicate a warren as closely as possible" which is what the references seemed to be describing. But you might want to actually explain this, rather than your usual "lol and badger" act.
Trump picks a pointless fight with a key ally at the wrong time

Donald Trump had already taken unnecessary steps to alienate South Korea, a key U.S. ally. The American president said he'd already dispatched an "armada," led by an aircraft carrier, towards the peninsula, when in reality, he hadn't. Trump added insult to injury by declaring, falsely, that the Korean Peninsula "used to be a part of China."

For reasons that don't appear to make any sense, Trump is apparently trying to make matters worse. The Washington Post reported:
President Trump threatened to terminate the U.S. trade agreement with South Korea in an interview Thursday night, declaring that the five-year-old accord with a key ally was "a horrible deal" that has left America "destroyed."

During an Oval Office interview about trade policy in North America, Trump served notice that he is looking to disrupt an important partnership in the tumultuous Asia-Pacific region as well -- even with Seoul on edge because of North Korea's escalating military provocations.

Of course the orange moron hasn't a clue what is in that agreement.
South Korea was once part of China in the same sense that Portuguese is a mixture of Spanish and French.
Portuguese IS a mixture of Spanish and French ...  if by "Spanish" and "French" we mean "the language that became modern Spanish" and "the language that became modern French"

Way back then I did not fully appreciate how twisted people's minds become when they spend many years in university ... had I realized that, I would have been more precise in my wording
way back then you didn't understand that specific claims require specific evidence. You still don't for that matter.
. . . I would have been more precise in my wording

All that would have accomplished is you being more precisely wrong.