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Callout: Bilirubin
I made an Alpha clone in Eve.

I had a character years ago but I don't have access to the email I used to make that account.  I don't know if I'd even want to go back to that character even though I have a lot of time invested in skills.  It was a Gallente specced to fly Caldari ships for whatever reason.

I chose to roll with Amarr because I wanted beam weapons and I figure New Eden could always use a good cleansing with Holy Fire every now and then.

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Re: Callout: Bilirubin
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Contact CCP to get your old character back. They will usually be very helpful.

Current meta is Caldari/Gallente, the latter for alpha clones because you get such good ships and can even rat with a VNI.

I haven't played EVE for a while

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Re: Callout: Bilirubin
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Just burnt out?  Did Goonswarm get kicked out of their space?

It's funny, the day I signed on Jita was burning.  I asked someone what it was burning for this time and I guess it's an annual thing now.

I'm pretty sure the first time was because of the $70 monocle fiasco.

I'm finishing up the first job agents (Military, Advanced Military, Exploration, Business and Industry) and man they throw a bunch of free ships at you.  Will probably go work for Sisters of Eve for awhile.  Someone in Rookie chat said that's a good place to go once you're done the job agents.

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Re: Callout: Bilirubin
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Not sure I burned out so much as played it out of my system. I spent a year with Groon (The Greater Goon, the first split off Goonswarmfleetwaffe and True Goon Flame Bearers (TM) who do small gang shit in Syndicate), then a year with Goonswarm for the Casino War and Trail of Tears to Delve from Dek, then split between both until Groon died again (they are reviving now for an upcoming tourney).

Been catching up on the new content in SW:TOR of late