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Brazilian soccer team signs scumbag murderer

The signing of Bruno comes amid growing concern about femicide and rape in Brazil. To mark International Women's Day last week, the Cruzeiro football team - which is famed for being socially progressive - wore shirts that highlighted the problems with relevant data for each number, for example: "A rape every 11 minutes".

In its latest country report, Amnesty International noted that lethal violence against women had increased by 24% over the previous decade and confirmed that Brazil was one of the worst Latin American countries in which to be a girl or woman. One in three women had suffered physical, verbal or psychological violence over the past year, according to a survey released last week by Datafolha.

Bruno - as he is best known in Brazil - has served less than a third of the 22-year sentence handed down by a lower court for ordering the 2010 killing of his former partner and the mother of his child.

Samudio went missing after she sued the footballer for child support in a high-profile case that threatened a mooted big-money move to Milan.

Bruno confessed to his involvement in the crime. The court heard how he conspired with friends who tortured and strangled the model, then disposed of the body by feeding it to the footballer's rottweilers.


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