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More women think dick pic sites are swell
The rise of penis pic appreciation sites
There's a growing community of women online who willy like d-k pics. ...

On Reddit, there are multiple subreddits dedicated to the *ahem* art of the d-k pic. There's the private, members only (pardon the pun) r/LadyBonersGoneWild which currently has 82,000 participants and counting. There's the matter-of-factly named r/penis. These subreddits are filled with pics from random guys -- mainly young-ish (anywhere from early 20s to early 40s, it would seem), gay and straight, married and single (some men post pics of their girlfriends' and wives' hands wrapped around their bits, you see) -- and their d-ks. ...

New Zealand native Madeleine Holden is a lawyer by trade but is now a professional d-k pic reviewer too. Seriously. Holden started her site Critique My D-k Pic in 2013 after receiving a particularly uninspired textual offering. "I was struck by how unnecessarily rare it was to receive a good, consensually shared d-k pic and I realized men needed some help with getting their d-k pics to that level."

She now receives hundreds of submissions a day and charges anywhere from $12 to $33 to offer her musings and review of each shot.

One critique reads: "This is a lively, vibrant d-k pic, sender, with a great burst of color. Your d-k pic contains movement and narrative, which is a huge plus: the interplay between - and positioning of - your hands is excellent and there's a good amount of self-interaction here."