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A clash of titans at the utility pole.

The Nashville One Touch Make Ready ordinance "permits third parties to move, alter, or rearrange components of Comcast's communications network attached to utility poles without Comcast's consent, authorization, or oversight, and with far less notice than is required by federal law and by an existing Comcast contract with Metro Nashville," Comcast's complaint said. Comcast asked the court to declare the ordinance invalid and permanently enjoin Nashville from enforcing it.

The pre-existing Make Ready process "seek(s) to ensure that all providers can share available pole space cooperatively and safely, without interfering with or damaging any provider's equipment or services," Comcast said. The new procedures mandated by Nashville "are so intrusive that, tellingly, Metro Nashville has wholly exempted its own utility pole attachments from the Ordinance's coverage."

Specifically, the ordinance exempts Nashville government pole attachments "that consist of cameras, radios, or any equipment used for emergency communications," and equipment used for traffic signals.

"One Touch Make Ready has been litigated in the court of public opinion, and the public overwhelmingly supports this measure designed to speed up the deployment of high-speed fiber in Nashville," Barry said. "Now, we hope that this federal litigation is quickly resolved so that we can get on with the business of expanding access to gigabit Internet throughout Davidson County."


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Re: A clash of titans at the utility pole.
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So Comcast needs "oversight" for authorized fiber line installers to slightly move or relocate existing fiber lines.

Hell, why doesn't the power company that probably owns the poles require all this bullshit "oversight" too?  :raise: