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T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
I just got a T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE. The main feature is that it is a 4G LTE hotspot for the car. It plugs into the OBD-II port. There's a smartphone app that connects to it through the Mojio service, or whatever. The Wifi admin web interface can only be accessed by a device connected to the SyncUP's wifi. The smartphone app is for configuring and managing the rest of it, and reviewing your trips. It unfortunately provides very little in the way of a direct readout of vehicle sensor data. I can see battery charge and voltage over time. The car's properties screen has the VIN and an incorrect value for mileage.

It can alert me to DTC codes. There is no explanation of what a DTC code is or why I would want to be alerted to it. But it can do that. It also has a low fuel alarm, so, I guess... if my car is jacked and a police pursuit ensues, I can tell the police when he's about to run out of gas. Otherwise, not sure what use that will have. 

There's also a setting for ignition sound, trip start and stop alerts, and speed limit, if one is set. There's a disturbance alert, check engine alert, low battery, recalls, and service bulletin alerts. So, whatever.

However, the hotspot is great.  The deal I got is even greater.  Existing T-Mobile customers except T-Mobile ONE can get this thing for free, 2 year commitment, yadda yadda yadda. AND the $20/mo data charge for the additional SIM is also waived for 2 years.  With my smartphone alone I paid an extra $10 to get 3Gb and the datastash that saves up unused data at the end of the month for use later if I need it. But I've only used it once, when using my smartphone as a hotspot with passengers on a long trip. Anyway, each SIM gets 2Gb/mo, so I dropped the $10 surcharge, and now I have 4Gb between the two for less money than I was paying with the smartphone alone. :smug:
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  • MikeS
Re: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
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Does it let you soup up the output horsepower?
If not, throw it away.

Re: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
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No, it does not.  But it has a API:
When I login with my Mojio username I can access my car's data with a REST client. Seems not all features Mojio supports are enabled for my service with T-Mobile (or maybe it's my car?).  I can't get fuel economy for a trip, for example. The field says "unsupported."

  • MikeS
Re: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
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So now your cars computer is open to hacking.
What could go wrong?

  • ksen
Re: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
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Or what could go right?

Re: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
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So now your cars computer is open to hacking.

Doubt it. It doesn't allow any sort of interactive interrogation of the car itself. Not even when connected to the Wifi. The data is uploaded to Mojio, and stored/accessed on their servers. Even when connected to the car's wifi, the app on my phone still has to call Mojio servers to get the status of my car.

  • MikeS
Re: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE
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So the OBD-2 plug is read only.  I guess you need the specific hardware plugged in to change automobile codes (although I have a reader that can write new codes into my car).  IIRC, new cars have some firewalls and locks built into their systems to avoid messing around with some settings.

I wonder if the Volkswagen settlement will require more access, and safeguards, for on board computers.  I can see states that require emission testing ALSO checking your cars performance settings.