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You've been hacked - the megathread
Yahoo says 1 billion user accounts were hacked in 2013

This is in addition to the half-billion they reported had been hacked in 2014.

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Re: You've been hacked - the megathread
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its nice that yahoo is informing their users in a timely manner

Re: You've been hacked - the megathread
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I almost never use my yahoo account, and it's not even associated with my real name or anything that could be linked to other accounts. It's only there as a throwaway spam catcher, but I did notice a big uptick in the sheer volume of spam about the middle of last year.

Seems like at the very least, the address list was probably sold/distributed all over.

I used to have a yahoo business email, but when it got hacked this year, we scrapped it for something a bit more reliable (hopefully).

Re: You've been hacked - the megathread
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waiting for password dump tbh