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  • ksen
Anime is real
Just got done watching Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress by the guys that did Attack on Titan . . . and you can tell.  Was a good show overall but the show almost lost me in episodes 10 and 11.

I'm also almost done with Assassination Classroom.  Someone has taken a, literal, huge bite out of the moon.  That someone has promised to do the same with the earth in one year.  But during that year he's teaching the worst students at a very prestigious Japanese school.  The students not only have to perform well academically they also need to assassinate this being before he destroys the planet.  If they succeed they get a 10 billion yen bounty.  It sounds really dumb but I'm having a lot of fun watching it.

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Anime is <3 :)

  • ffejrxx
Re: Anime is real
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  • ksen
Re: Anime is real
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I finished Assassination Classroom.  It was a three tissue ending.  :cry:

I also rewatched Angel Beats this past weekend because it's one of my favorites.  Still very emotional for me.

Trying to decide what to watch next.  I'm feeling in the mood for something creepy.  May restart and finish Death Parade.  I got 4 episodes in last time and stopped watching for some reason.

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anime owns

  • ksen
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Currently watching The Saga of Tanya the Evil.  It's an alternative WWI story with mages and stuff.  It's currently running in Japan and new episodes get uploaded to Crunchy Roll on Fridays.  This past Friday was episode 6.5.  It was one of those recap episodes.  I hate recap episodes when I'm watching a current show. :colbert: