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The WH staff left out the name of Gauthier Destenay, First Gentleman of Luxembourg - he's so easy to miss. :awgee:

I already told you I don't know.  But I'm quite sure that if we found one, the Darwin Magicians would find a way to make it support their theory.  They always do!
Nope. Like rabbit fossils in the Cambrian, a feathered mammal would be evidence against evolution as we currently understand it.

The only reason you don't instantly understand that is because you've let yourself wallow in ignorance of the natural world since grade school. This is a major reason why your arguments against evolution and an old earth fall flat - you don't know enough about nature, plants, animals, biology, etc. to form a coherent opinion, and therefore end up looking clueless and making arguments that aren't even wrong, just stunningly irrelevant or incomprehensible.

You have, of course, no obligation to learn anything about the above. Lots of people manage to live perfectly fine lives without such knowledge. But it becomes a distinct disadvantage when a person tries to argue against common descent (and other natural/biological phenomena).

Know why I don't argue with people knowledgeable about engineering or astrophysics? Because I know fuck all about either discipline. Not my fields, not my interests. Occasionally something might catch my attention and I'm interested enough to read and ask questions. I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about when in reality I have no frigging clue.
Wait til he finds the hairy frog.
Why on earth could there not be an animal with feathers that suckles young?  Just because there aren't any doesn't mean there couldn't be.  There's plenty of other weird stuff ... like mammals that LAY EGGS!
You idiot.
The point is not what "could be".
The point is what is.
And why there are NOT things like an animal with feathers that suckles young.
Because, yeah, there "could be" an animal with feathers that suckles young, if some magical designer were putting these things together however he felt like it.
But not if traits are inherited down lineages, and the milk producing trait originated in a lineage that had already diverged from the one that produced feathers.
And, to address monotremes, they diverged from other mammals after many early mammal features (fur, milk production) but before other mammal features such as uteri and nipples appeared. Monotremes also provide some exchange of nutrients etc. while the eggs are still internal. Monotremes, in fact, help support universal common descent by their very existence, and support natural selection by their very persistence.

You have too childish an understanding of biology to see all the connections, Dave. Learn more.
Dave, you're so goddamned ignorant about biology (among many other sciences) I doubt anyone here can sufficiently explain this to you so you'd understand.
We can group chimps and humans together based on similarities.

We can group Ford Escorts and Roman chariots together based on similarities too.

And we can speculate about both ... did the chimps and humans have a common ancestor?  Did the Escort and chariot have a common designer?

I'm a reasonably compassionate human being. For the love of all that's good in this world, stop embarrassing yourself so terribly. It's painful to see.
It doesn't work to just write words you think sound 'sciencey', Dave. Everyone can see through you, because you haven't got enough background knowledge to carry it off.

You could get some, of course.
A Baltimore defense attorney was caught on tape telling a rape victim that she could be deported under President Donald Trump's immigration policies if she showed up in court to testify against his client, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

I suppose it beats whipping out a sword as a masculinity challenge. :unsure: ... :ohmy:
He's not that dumb. He's just so invested in ID partisanship that he refuses to recognise how transparently bad their weasel apologetics actually are.
President Markovic of Montenegro - the nation which recently joined NATO against Russian manipulations within the country.

Ye, he definitely pushed him aside so he had a better position for a photo op - then did a bit of preening, standing straighter, lifting his chin, adjusting his suit.
"Take, for instance, the article I cited at the start of this threat that you are scared shitless to even look at."

Sell me.

Sell me on why I should read it.

Give me one snippet that whets my appetite.

It directly relates to the topic you claim to want to discuss in THIS thread. Why would you need to be 'sold' on it? If you can't even be bothered reading brief, directly relevant material, clearly you are not engaging honestly; you are just shilling for 'Big ID'.
I need to be SOLD on it because all too often people send me off on wild goose chases.  And I want an executive summary as to why this will not be yet another wild goose chase.

Vox points out you got a summary, though imo you didn't need one.

No one sends you off on 'wild goose chases'. You see geese everywhere because you don't understand basic concepts in evolutionary science, misrepresent even your own resources because you often don't understand them either, and you are too intellectually lazy to apply your mind to remedying your completely unnecessary ignorance.

You're a strictly political animal, Dave. |You don't care about truth or knowledge, you only care about ideology and 'winning'. And here you are, attempting to interact with people who care most about the former.
"Take, for instance, the article I cited at the start of this threat that you are scared shitless to even look at."

Sell me.

Sell me on why I should read it.

Give me one snippet that whets my appetite.

It directly relates to the topic you claim to want to discuss in THIS thread. Why would you need to be 'sold' on it? If you can't even be bothered reading brief, directly relevant material, clearly you are not engaging honestly; you are just shilling for 'Big ID'.
* There are massive sedimentary rock formations all over the world the likes of which are not being formed today. Not even close.
Geologists say that they are being formed today.


Well then that settles it.

You could go to any number of beaches all by yourself and in places where conditions are right - near streams, for instance - find evidence of layers of sediment being formed today. And if you dig down deep enough, you'll see that the pressure from the weight of all those layers makes them increasingly solid and hard as you dig deeper.

But you won't do that.

Sand layers, Puerto Rico beach:

sand layers, UK beach:

If you were here, I could take you to a Nova Scotia beach and show you layers upon layers of sediment, cut into by tidal streams so they are visible as much as two metres deep. You could place your hand in this earth wound and see how much harder the lowest layers are, having reached that hardness over only a few years, Imagine hundreds and thousands of years if you can't manage millions.

I could then take you to a set of high cliffs where you can see layers of earth then sand then sandstone and slate, and where the Fundy tides have washed it and eroded it away far below, show you the ancient sea beach, imprinted with ancient ripples turned to stone, bits of plants, ferns, eelgrass, tracks of worms, snails, insects, and if we were lucky, the paw prints of ancient animals.

Unlike Thomas, even this wouldn't convince you, because you've accepted the big lie of a young earth you've been told by a parcel of rogues and a few innocent fools.

How small and incompetent you make your version of God.

Same here - read the story a few days ago.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
How come the Trump womenfolk do the head cover thing for one religion but not for the other?

Tbf, Michelle Obama did that too - no headcover for Islam, black veil thing for Pope.

I don't quite know what subtle messaging is going on there, perhaps just a nod to the Catholic population in the US, which is much larger than the Islamic population.

Also, the Vatican is different from a King's palace. Perhaps a veil/headcovering would be protocol in a more religious setting in Saudi Arabia. Trump did wear a yarmulke to the Wall.
I knew you'd come through for us, TBM.
It's because I have no agenda and I am not affected by peer pressure.  Therefore I have no reason to ignore data like the mainstream constantly does.
Lying about your own motives isn't very enlightening, Dave.
He's so eloquent.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
It seems to forget the people who don't kill rich people.
And why they don't kill them.

How close are parts of the US to this?

I've known lots of theistic individuals who think God conceived the entirety of the universe and created it as a thing that would run itself, knowing that humans would emerge via evolution. Some of them engage in speculation about the point in human evolution when 'souls' entered the picture, while others think all 'higher' mammals have souls or spirits.

Most of those individuals were/are members of the United Church of Canada. It's, imo, an interesting case of a socially and intellectually left-leaning denomination dabbling in panentheism, pantheism, and a teensy bit of animism in order to soften the impact of Christianity.
Pingu and other Brits, I hope none of you have been too closely touched by the Manchester tragedy today. :(
This is awful. The concert audience were mostly kids, tweens and teenagers.
The Soap Opera / Re: Moment of Silence
The Soap Opera / Re: Moment of Silence
It's pretty great advice for Last Words.