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no shit, it's like getting mad at someone for saying you'll never be able to completely stop all rapists


It would be totally unrealistic for the mayor to say 'of course we will never allow a terrorist attack in our city'.  In context, the Mayor was stating that large population centres are expected to be attractive terrorist targets, and he continued by stating that the city would do everything possible to minimise the threat.
Goats, rabbits and piggy are coexisting well ... there was a bit of head butting initially, but not any more.  Biggest problem with the pig was that it's so small - only about 30 lbs and I don't think it would have done well at that size on pasture alone so I've been supplementing it's feed with grain for now.  Also, it's not too nimble and sometimes it's legs were getting stuck under the edge of the pen ... so it's in a separate hand movable pen now until it gets up to 50 lbs or so ... then we'll try again.  Rabbits are doing fine but there isn't enough green grass right now to give them enough feed in their little cubicles so I'm supplementing.  When the grass really takes off, I think I will be able to stop supplementing.  For now, I'm focusing on having successful litters while moving.

So now I have this vision of a pasture with a trail of mangled baby animals, umbilical cords, placentas....

Thanks Dave!
Speaking of the rabbits, dave, just want to make sure you are aware that rabbits nest with their litter. Whats your plan for a nursing mother rabbit and a non mobile litter?
I just put the nest boxes in yesterday.  They move along with the pen.  We'll see if we get successful litters.  I'm not at all certain that I will ...

Why don't you think you'll get successful litters? Does don't appear to be pregnant?

They may be too stressed, and may have resorbed the embryos in response.
And hijab is by far the more common choice of Muslim women in Canada.

22 Mar
Tim Mak
Rep. Schiff to me just now: Based on what he's seen, "the evidence of [Trump campaign-Russia collusion] is more than circumstantial."


Tim Mak
Now two members of House Intel Cmte have told me they've seen "more than circumstantial" evidence of collusion btwn Trump Associates/Russia
1:55 PM - 23 Mar 2017
GIA likes the idea of forcing Muslim women and girls to not wear head coverings. He advocates banning hijab etc,, in Canada He masks his xenophobia by claims such as:

I hear you on how some women claim that they freely wear the hijab, niqab and burka. If that is true then I would suggest that they see a doctor as that is not normal behavior for a free human being. Women and men instinctively know and look for body language while communicating and such apparel inhibits that. There are also many more cases where wearing those is a forced Islamic tradition. It is men exercising their master's privilege over their slave. Sexual slavery, permission to beat wives and daughters and forcing a dress code on women are three of the vilest aspects of Islam.,_Niqab_and_Burka?post_num=32#546362709

What he really thinks is that women shouldn't be allowed to make their own choices because HE knows what's good for them. Muslim women in Canada are as likely to be forced into specific dress codes as any other women in Canada - which is to say, it happens but is relatively uncommon. Nightclubs are prone to forcing high heels and short skirts as required dress codes for women staff, for example.

But most Muslim women in Canada wear hijab because they feel like it. It's customary, or it is comforting and traditional, or it deals nicely with bad hair days, If they don't feel like it, they can not wear it, and many don't, or do sometimes and not others.
When you refer to women as 'females' while referring to yourself as a 'man', you've already indicated you personally don't view women as free agents equal to yourself.

Guilty as charged.

I use the law of the sea even on land and put women above me.

I think that that  is the first duty of any man.

Not those many here who seem to belong to the Captain Coward Club.

Why would you put women above you? What does that mean to you?

And if, in fact, you do, why are you calling yourself a man but referring to women as 'females'? It is men/women or males/females.
You seem unclear on why people are pissed off, FX. Dig a little deeper and you'll easily discover that eric trump took the mayor's words out of context and from an article written long before this attack. It was indeed a low blow, insinuated something that is not true of the Mayor, implied that the mayor didn't care about the attack, and was a nasty bit of, yes, politically motivated Muslim bashing.
Dave's only able to detect the dishonest weasel worded spin his favourite sites are putting out.

In reality, the best spin you can put on the known facts is that trump has been, all along, such a gullible, greed-driven, spoiled-rotten ignorant narcissist (no 'syndrome' required) tool that he wasn't able to discern that his 'Huuuge Deals' with various Russians, from moneylenders to mobsters, were sinking him deep into a world of international shady deals and obligations to people with seriously questionable intentions and connections. All of them connected to Putin in one way or another. And now, though he truly believes himself innocent of wrongdoing, he has surrounded himself with compromised individuals who are quite likely to take him down with them.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Westminster attack
He and his equally despicable brother are the type that enjoy safaris where they can kill rare animals for fun. 'Nuff said.
Politics and Current Events / Re: The Fourth Estate
I think that would be fantastic.
Mine's been snoring in the chair beside me, draped over my arm,

Also drooling.
Am hoping I live to see the movie. :stare:
as you should.
This is heartbreaking, brugroffil.  It certainly sounds as if a crisis point, for you and the cat, is close. :(
Tools.  Walking right into Trump's trap.

Which is good.  I'm happy about that!
In what sane administration would your President be setting 'traps' for citizens? That would be a ridiculous, juvenile, not even sane move on the part of the person responsible for the world's greatest superpower. Think about the implications of the president espousing such hostile intentions.
It's astounding how such a simple concept can be so hard to grasp by people with so much formal education.
No one has trouble grasping the concept, Dave. They just are aware that it's based on a ridiculously simplistic understanding of animal behaviour and ecology.

I wonder if Savory was driven to his conclusions re herbivores by his endless guilt over the deaths of 40,000 elephants. Having that many sentient creatures on your conscience, especially given their rapid decline since the slaughter, must be a torment.
Reminder for Borealis who seems to have lost sight of the forest for the trees ...  or rather, the lawn for the blades of grass ...

One of the major reasons for rotational grazing  which builds soil carbon is to try to reverse the topsoil damage done by industrial agriculture.
I can assure you that the closest thing to industrial agriculture that has ever happened on my property was the tossing of a bag of hay seeds  on bare thin acidic soil 50 years ago, when hous was built on a small area of purpose-cleared forest. We've been here for 22 years. The soil is, in fact, deeper than it was when we moved here. It has built itself up from the decomposition of plants, tree leaves, spruce needles. It's a slow process, but it certainly occurs; the effect is visible in the slow burial of areas of previously naked bedrock.

Hoofed ruminants dragged about in a cage would likely be pretty detrimental.
Dead Russians connected to Trump & Co one way or another, they've found quite a few of those in recent months.

But they don't have much to say.
I have no idea how the grasses and herbs and mosses on my lawn survive. I do mow it periodically, but the parts I don't mow seem just as willing to produce, year after year after year, abundant greenery and plenty of flowers. Aside from the occasional visit by hares and deer, no regular stomping, eating, or pooping occurs. I add no fertilisers or minerals. 

I have counted over 90 different species of plants, and now and then a new one shows up and takes residence, for a while or for a long time. I've been mowing carefully around a few Ragged Robins that introduced themselves about five years ago. They are pretty, so I hope they stay, unlike the ragweed I pulled grimly for four years, not just from my place but from the neighbour's who accidentally introduced it and was horribly allergic to it.

How this occurs without regular stomping and biting and pooping - why, it's miraculous!
The defeat of Harper must have been a grave disappointment for GIA.
Nice to see you around, JB.
An IKEA store is finally being built in Halifax. It's due to open in the autumn. Every time someone mentions this fact, their eyes light up with excitement and yearning.

Which should give you some idea of how very much the big chain furniture outlets in that city suck.