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Anyway ...  The whole point of my post was...

[ someone who writes for] WaPo

 Which you think is a "real" news outlet...

Apparently thinks that some folks from Team Obama could end up in the slammer.
Good god you are an idiot Dave.
Note this is WaPo (real news according to you) ... not Alex Jones ... saying Team Obama could end up in the slammer.
That seems pretty clear, Dave. Absolute fucking truth, right?
You thought I misread WaPo for WaX.
I admit that initially I did think that. But then I realised that what you actually meant was even dumber. :parrot:
Lol. I should have read the very next post.
You thought that I misread my own link.
Yes. And that is a much more generous reading than the one you now want to use.
I love woody
Florida has so many people who need to be tarred and feathered AND hung from trees that it would need more trees and more feathers.
Once she stopped, she said Burgos stroked his penis until he ejaculated into a micro-fiber towel he removed from the center console of his car.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
There are people who care about almost everything. We're people. Don't ask us.
Trumps are rare. Just sayin'.
I would pay a lot for a trump tag.
Lol. The sign is a picture of his face
Trump constantly makes the sign language word for asshole.
Talkshow host Bill Mitchell...

"So the IC "incidentally" spied on Trump and "incidentally" disseminated it around DC and "incidentally" said he lied when he caught them."
See, that's a perfect example of the "spin" you claim to hate so much from the MSM.   Trump did not "catch" the intelligence community picking Trump transition members under FISA surveillance.   He didnt know about it until Nunes told him yesterday.   But it fits your narrative that the "President" was right about Obama spying on him, so the order of events doesn't matter, right?
Bullshit. Trump caught them in the sense that he knew he was being surveilled as of early March.

 Yesterday was simply official confirmation of this.
Wait. Where has any evidence at all that trump was being surveiled? I have not seen a single mention of it anywhere.
I wonder if Dave can put 2 and 2 together for what Nunes did yesterday.
The "information" he shared has a certain value.  But at what eventual cost?

Do you understand the eventual repercussions of Nunes actions?
I can visit Breitbart and tell you what he thinks.  Or you can wait for HIM to visit Brietbart so he knows what he thinks,  either way.
And you can visit WaPo or New York Times or CNN to find out what YOU think.  That's not the issue. The issue is "how truthful is a given news source?"
I bet you are wrong.
Ok, you can test the hypothesis. :grin: Do cities with good urban transport get higher per capita turnouts for spontaneous protests?
Portland does
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
what the hell, we might as well take heroic doses of LSD and dance naked downtown till the shockwave hits us.
he does a lot of business in russia and has business ties there that, already on their own, create ethical hazards and by the way look bad (which matters when you're president). 

furthermore, 2 or 3 of his associates (manafort, flynn, sater) have extensive and serious connections to sketchy people in russia, including putin.  then, he has a large number of weaker personal and business ties to russia and sketchy russians.

what's not clear to me is whether these connections are significantly greater or different than what you'd expect for any wealthy businessman doing a lot of business in russia, even if it were all perfectly legitimate (to the extent that is possible in russia).  I mean, given that russia is an oligarchic kleptocracy, with rampant organized crime and putin as a quasi czar, it would almost be surprising if any billionaire doing business there didn't have putin and some shady semi-mob guys on speed dial.

now there is the apparent interference in our election by russia, in favor of trump, by hacking  dnc email and making strategically-timed leaks.  obviously, that is hugely serious and unacceptable.  but even if that is true, it doesn't follow that trump knew or was involved.  it's possible the russians simply judged that he was better for their interests, and he was an unwitting beneficiary.

if the idea is supposed to be that trump is part of some conspiracy involving russians, or is guilty of some crime or wrongdoing involving them, then, first off, I wish people would be more clear about what exactly they're claiming.  and, second, all I'm seeing in support of that is a bunch of circumstantial evidence and handwaving.

I have not gotten the impression that he feels he has something significant to hide about russia.  he seems annoyed with the issue more than anything, and his responses to it have been sluggish and clumsy.  you would think a politician hiding something big and evil about themselves and russia would go out of his way never to mention them, and wouldn't have put people like manafort and flynn on his campaign or in his cabinet in the first place, and would have dropped them both like hot potatoes at the first sign of trouble.
While I agree with this for the most part, the potential that Trump is simply too stupid or too privileged to recognize danger is strong enough that it should be included in the list of weird shit that has to be factored in.

 But really, we will never have a really good picture of what actually happened even if he gets impeached, indicted and convicted of a crime. All we will ever know is potentially the content of a phone call or financial transaction or something like that. One thing is for sure, Trump is not stable by any normal definition of the word so we can expect that truth will be always be far weirder than the narrative we eventually end up accepting for the sake of moving on with our lives.
Dave, you are such a sucker. Those are narratives, which means they are 100% likely to be wrong. You really need to figure out the difference between fact and narrative. It makes you a target for snake oil.

I love ikea. I even love going with my wife. It's like a theme park if you get severely stoned first. I don't even care what we buy that way. The only thing I have ever intentionally bought at ikea is meatballs.

I could see enjoying that if getting stoned didn't make me so fucking paranoid.

eta:  I'm also curious about the taste of horse meat.
Paranoid is no fun. I think if I smoked regular pot I'd probably not like it. Is it legal in Texas? Probably not I suppose. Anyway, if you can get the oil from a sativa strain with at least 10% cbd you won't get paranoid.

Eta: tastes like meatballs.
I have only been to Ikea once.
I love ikea. I even love going with my wife. It's like a theme park if you get severely stoned first. I don't even care what we buy that way. The only thing I have ever intentionally bought at ikea is meatballs.
Eta: I didn't know that elkart had an edit time window so this is an ETA:

I should have said that while I have never intentionally bought something other than meatballs, my wife usually knows why we are there and gets whatever it was we went to get. I often discover that I am carrying something heavy when we leave.