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Uhhh the Munich Pact? Nazi-Soviet Pact? Just spit-balling here.
yeah, ok, but I think klein was talking about domestic politics, and specifically a broken promise between a party and their constituents.  and that is certainly what I had in mind.

eta: if we're including international backstabbing, then yes, it's not hard at all to find big examples.
His top priority was to vote for the Real Man (hah!) and get rid of the Whore of Babylon.

I don't think it ever went deeper than that. Everything else were rationalizations that came after the fact.
Me too.

So, Dave, was that one of your top priorities when you voted?  You really wanted to see a reduction in illegal border crossing?

How about environmental protection?  Did you think that was less important?

I'm trying to find the fit here.

Apart from the identical personality type.
Fingers crossed.
another possibly important difference is that was an attempt to build something new rather than to just reverse something existing.
Pretty sure border crossing is down by a biggish number.

Maybe.  Do you have some data?
It's showed up in Google news a couple times. I am on my phone atm so not now but I'm pretty sure it will show up at the top of the results if you Google it.
i'm not really up on political history on this level but when else has a party out of power made repealing one law its obsessive focus, built a constituency around it, captured the executive and legislature, and then failed to follow through? would be interesting to see what happened next in any similar past situation.
a qualitatively similar situation might be clinton's failed attempt to reform health care in 1993-4.  in the next election, his party got wiped out.  lost both chambers of congress, the house for the first time since like eisenhower. 

however, i don't know how much the losses were due to the failure, and how much they were due to having tried in the first place (at a bill that was successfully shit all over by the gop and outside interests).  ....  or how much the losses were just due to the usual midterm effect hurting the president's party (the democrats had only won the presidency one other time in the previous 20 years, so that effect might have been "built up" more than usual)

one major difference is that afaik the democrats had not obsessed about health care reform for the previous 7 years.  it had been in the background as a goal for a long time, but I believe hadn't recently been a top priority until the 1992 election.
Pretty sure border crossing is down by a biggish number.

Maybe.  Do you have some data?
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Holy shit

This would be incredible.  Get something important done.  Further fracture the GOP AND piss the hell out of his base.