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  • After having my own comprehensively washed and fucked in 2011 I would never actively wish that on anyone.

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Re: Post Flood Population Growth
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I see that people are getting lost in the trees again ...

It goes without saying that when I said 6 people were "breeding like rabbits" that I was excluding Dave's rabbits, which are headed for extinction under his enlightened regime.
Well admittedly,what exactly are your expectations for breeding male rabbits?
You may hear people saying how fast they can make compost -- some say only a few weeks. Stay away from these people as they don't know what they're talking about. --Humanure handbook

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Re: Post Flood Population Growth
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Perhaps Dave should read up on carrying capacity.
We're going to need a lot more tarps.
Why put the bunnies with the goats?  Because that's  closer to how they are in nature.