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Re: Dave is Going to Jail for Stealing Photos
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Also, pick an image that arrests the eye.  The one you chose was a bit on the nose, and didn't enguage the potential reader.  You might try a shot of the Mud Maid, one that is shareable, has been licensed as free and freely alterable.

Or cats, because people love them, and they have a rep for being lazy.

Cats are not lazy. Being a cat takes a lot of energy. And they have to be at top form at all times. It's sort of like being a Fireman. You sleep whenever you can because you never know when you won't be able to. Except with cats, it's even more dire. Imagine being a cat and not able to instantly go from peacefully napping to leaping 13' into the air, doing three somersaults and two full twists, changing the light bulbs, all while removing both of your eyeballs with a single swipe as they pass by. And who knows what they'll face when they land. Probably some equally difficult situation to deal with. And then what?

Why, it's unthinkable.
Are we there yet?

Re: Dave is Going to Jail for Stealing Photos
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RAHF, I stand corrected!
You are of course completely right.
Quote from: Dave Hawkins on Sun Jan 14 2018 19:59:03 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
you suck at truth detection. (And spelling)