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Embedding Tweets?
Is there any chance of having a widget or whatever installed that can allow a Twitter url to be pasted in that will appear as afull tweet on the screen, the way we can with a YouTube? I've seen it done in newspaper online reports so wonder if the work's been done on Elkarte.
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Re: Embedding Tweets?
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Somebody created a mod, but didn't test it at all.  I broke a test version of this site trying the mod out a few months ago.

To test it out again, I'll have to install a new test version using the most recent version of Elkarte (we're one version behind).

And to install it I'll have to upgrade the production forum (this one) to the latest version of Elkarte.

All doable, but I'll want to ask osmanthus to be around for it.

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Re: Embedding Tweets?
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thanks raven
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Re: Embedding Tweets?
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Remind me to leave town when this is happening.
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Re: Embedding Tweets?
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