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This just in, City Government's spend their money on City services.
And State Governments spend their money on Urban services.

So... the lower income cities and counties take in lower amounts in local revenues... and they receive lower allotments of state-level revenues. 

It's almost as if in-State spending is proportional to population density!!!

Our state is always trying to attract businesses just as any other state, when we do get a big manufacturer or corporation, where do you think that company chooses to locate to and why?
This just in, City Government's spend their money on City services.
Fuckin' a.....I think the gun nuts are practically just taunting politicians at this point. That's what it fucking feels like, with them going after schools like this.

Maybe next time it will be a daycare, and we still won't do anything...other than suggest arming toddlers. Fuckme, but I want out of this damn country.

Well you see, the problem is guns are banned from schools...
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
Can't imagine why more women don't report sexual harassment/assault
Thank god we have vague twitter rumors to set the record straight
The first contact from WikiLeaks was made on 20 September 2016, the magazine reports. In it the open information website informed Trump Jr that a new political action committee called "putintrump" was about to launch.
Jeez.  No discretion at all there. 

Best and the brightest
cook in bulk, you can eat at the grocery store edge/garden fresh/csa and save yourself lots of time, luckily i don't have picky-eating loinspawn but people cater too much to those little shits anyway
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 6
I did work it out after peppermint was godkilled.
May have been better if we knew there was two of us from the start.
Whatever, it went down to the wire again and scum won again.
But both game is was a line ball call on the last day so you must be getting the balance right :)

you were an indie with an odd night power and you didnt think there was another indie with an even night power
el jefe has memory like Sessions
There's even a Minister for Maple Syrup
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
Shadow of War has been awesome but then againso was SoM
until her firstborn son
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
But how long has she been dead inside?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Does she come across as one who accepts good advice to you?
Murkowski is allegedly talking to Luther Strange about a write-in campaign (Murkowski won in Alaska on a write-in)

Let's not let facts get in the way


they don't care even if it's true

"Ever notice how every "October Surprise" (in this case November) comes from the left?"
I don't get how you can put libertarians and not stupid in the same sentence
 Obama is the antichrist. ..."I don't know," he said. "Some people say that."

jesus he even sounds like Trump

however, it does seem clear that trump has both motivated democrats and thoroughly alienated centrist professionals.  i think the example they gave was Loudoun county, which ed Gillespie narrowly won when he ran for senate in 2014, but which went 2:1 for northam tonight.  these are educated, white, middle-class moderates.  that demographic used to have a republican tilt.  not anymore.

You mean the wishy washy not sure who to vote for 'centrist' retards?