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What if they don't become babies at any point? What if it is gradual?
What if, between "ALL" and "NONE", there were . . .                    

 Spoiler (click to show/hide)
embryonic goats are not called "kids".
embryonic horses are not called "foals".
embryonic whales are not called "calfs".
and so on.

It turns out words have meanings.
No, Dave.
That's your right-wing puppet-masters' talking.
Baby definition
a very young child, especially one newly or recently born.
"his wife's just had a baby"
synonyms: infant, newborn, child, tot, little one; More
It turns out words have meanings.
I've never even heard of anyone "raping" a baby.  Aborting, yes.
You're thinking of fetuses.

To my way of thinking, I will be in a much better position to have the "I'm quitting my Sears job" conversation with my ex-wife when my sustainable house and sustainable farm are fully functional.  it sounds fine and dandy to say "I'm quitting" and I have acquaintances who have done that  sort of thing  out of protest and such, but it doesn't appear to me to be very effective long-term strategy unless you've got something viable to replace the job you're quitting.
Tomorrow, tomorrow
I love ya tomorrow
You're always
A day
Pretty sure they won't stop building McMansions, just because I don't buy one.
So your answer to that is "yes, because conspiracy theory".
well I guess you could call the practice of mega corporations and other large operators of purchasing land which is not degrading and converting it to tillage system as "conspiracy" if you like.  I personally don't think these CEOs sit around scheming about how to destroy land. I just think that they are focused on profits and they don't realize that they are destroying land.  They think that they are "feeding the world." Which they are in the short-term. But not in the long term.
I don't think the Trump Organization even claims to be "feeding the world".
It's just focused on profits and is destroying land.
Yet these are the people you decided to turn the country over to.

It's an educated guess based on past history of how greedy corporations operate
Like the Trump Organization, for instance?
I wonder what the ecological impact of this "fake meat" is ...

"Real meat" raised correctly IMPROVES ecosystems. (And methane is not a problem)

My guess is that fake meat degrades them
Of course we could always do "fake analysis" to "prove" that fake meat improves ecosystems ...
Where, of course, "fake"  =  "anything Dave Hawkins prefers not to believe"

This is why Dave Hawkins sucks at science.
And yes I do actually believe authors like Tim LaHaye who write about super rich secret cabals operating out of a castle somewhere in Europe who are trying to control the whole world.  I think they are making excellent progress toward that goal!
::) Oh, brother.  ::)
Well I'm certain I won't be taken seriously by idiots like you.  What I'm hoping for is to be taken seriously by people who might actually participate with me, like the person signing up for my first COOP share.  Or like Cody Holmes who has a very large HMG operation in Southern Missouri and wants to explore my system for poverty stricken people in Central America.  Or like my radical gardening friend. 
I agree!
That's why I've always said get back to us when you've got your first dozen or so households signed up for Davetopia.
Till then, it's just Aesop's milkmaid, running her mouth.
If you practiced "attention to detail" you would quote me accurately ...

:ironicat: :ironicat:
:ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat:
:ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat:
:ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat:

... your new hero Mark Shepard ...
::)   YOU are the only one here that does the Appeal to Authority, Hero-worship thing, Hawkins.
Who the fuck cares what Josephus said?
He was a military man and a politician.
But as I think we all agree, we would be wrong to build a life for ourselves that has lots of free time at the expense of enslaving or harming or exploiting others or damaging our environment. ( which is essentially exploiting our children and grandchildren )

Many cultures of the past have exploited both human beings and the environment to achieve a life of luxury for the few. In our modern society,  more people were able to achieve a life of luxury thanks to cheap fossil fuels.  But I am seeing that come to an end in the not-too-distant future for a variety of reasons. 
It can't be repeated often enough that this is the guy who enthusiastically supported Donald J. Trump to be president of the United States.  :ironicat:
"Great.  So you now have two better metrics than Haugen's EROI."


The latter IS Walter's EROI.

Well, if it is, why don't you specify which one it is? You keep posting EROI numbers without specify human vs fossil fuel.

The former  is something I have talked about for years.

 neither one is "better" than the other one. Both are necessary.

Yes, exactly.  So don't just keep posting undifferentiated "EROI" numbers as though they are meaningful.  It's like posting your weight without your height and expecting people to admire your slim figure.
Sorry.  Since everyone around here is so much smarter than me and so much better than me in science and reading, I figured you all were able to keep up with what I was talking about without me having to specifically break it down in pieces for you.

I stand corrected.

Henceforth herewith I will break everything down into bite-size pieces.
Such an ass.
Condescending bullshit.

"I - Pingu, the high and mighty university professor who has had decades of experience in REAL science - commend you for that. Good for you, Little Man.  Someday you too can be like me!  I'm the teacher and you're the pupil so ... LEARN from that experience."

Says the guy who's going to "teach the world" how to "save agriculture (and thereby the world)".
Because,  of course, nobody else worth mentioning has given any thought to this. 

The asymmetry.
It's stunning.
Alabama Senate poll: Jones opens up lead over Moore
Democrat Doug Jones has opened up an eight-point lead in the US Senate race in Alabama amid multiple sexual abuse allegations against Republican Roy Moore, according to a new Fox News poll released Thursday.

Jones leads Moore by 50 to 42% among likely voters in the special election ...
Fox News poll
Fox News poll
Fox News poll

I find it almost as hard to imagine Alabama electing a democrat senator as, 18 months ago, I found it hard to believe the US would elect Trump president.
Why the fuck can't you use the quote function like anyone else?
It's the habitual quote-miner's instinctive preference for excising whatever he wants to misrepresent from its context.
Including saturated fats with trans fats seems a bit wrong.
this is as close as we will ever get to testy calling out a fellow team member

The reason you (and Roy Moore) see every criticism as nothing other than "team loyalty" is that you (and Roy Moore) have created a lot of ill will towards yourselves by being complete assholes.
Again I will say that there is no maintenance  at all with rotationally grazed hair sheep.  Unless you define "maintenance" differently then I have a defined it. To include things like moving fence every day, or introducing the rams  at the proper time, or sorting and selling.  Again, "maintenance" to me is things like administering worm medicine, trimming hooves or shearing.
So Joe Hopping is doing it wrong.
I trust you'll straighten him out.
"Work" is not the same thing as "maintenance."
As far as I can tell, she's claiming that feeding hundreds of people via corn and soybean farming is "efficient."


Not with an EROI of 0.10

That's horribly, horribly, horribly IN-efficient.
Though not as inefficient as feeding NO ONE*

* (other than yourself, partly).
"I AM impressed with borealis and Testy, and several others who do seem to be doing an impressive job of feeding themselves and their families on sustainable locally produced food, including stuff they produce, or gather, themselves."

Of course you are because they are on your team  and they never call you out on your frequent bullshit.

 I do, so I'm the enemy.  You will never be impressed with anything I do no matter how good it is simply because I'm the enemy.
Sounds a lot like Roy Moore.
You a Roy Moore fan, Dave?