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  • I never cease to be amazed at how quickly this forum swings between properties of cryogenically cooled proteins to women covered in cheese slices.

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Sports / Re: NFL 2017
R.I.P. Philly.  This is why they can't have nice things.

Philly cops put hydraulic fluid on poles to prevent climbing ahead of Super Bowl
I think the Pentagon just banned personal cell phones from the premesis.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
NOW it's a five-post combo.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
Reading diva as town with her Zen approach.  Or maybe it's just reading Zen as town in general.

that could be dangerous and I have to parse that.  I think Grit's analysis on Zen is town analysis, and also a warning to those of us with the Y-chromosome be careful
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
The mayor race is really heating up.  Nostrum WANTS to be mayor and timewave is a reluctant participant and blames borealis.

I'm going to withhold my vote like an eBay auction until the last minute.

If they want my vote they'll have to pitch themselves as better than the other.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
I'm surprised no one has voted rachmarie yet.  no matter what the read, she usually jumps at a vote against her.

She's asked about people in the game in her posts but otherwise not much there

##VOTE rachmarie##
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
The testy/teeth thing is a distraction, but pretty much par for the course in other TR threads.  Can't really assign a read on their TR thread comments since they both believe what they say about each other.  I'm treating it as wandering through Norton's Empire and overhearing two neighbors complaining about being neighbors; nothing to do with the the community but everything to do with themselves.

To really piss them off I'll assign testy as Paul Ryan and teeth as his neighbor who punched him over cutting the grass or something.
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
I'm tempted by testy, simply because he is the only one with anything screwy.
Which is normal for testy.  Be suspicious when he starts to make sense to you.
Mafia / Re: The Imperial Salon, San Francisco, circa 1859

Nightfall is 9 hours 57 minutes from the time of this post

I'm seeing some comments that the nightfall timing is middle of the night for some folks. It's not easy to find a deadline that works all over the globe, but if you think that adding 3 hours to the deadline would help, please PM me.  If you think that's a terrible idea, also PM me.  I'll decide whether to extend the deadline a little when I wake up in the middle of the night or something.

^^ From the Day 1 Thread.  Reposting here in hopes no one misses this.

Also, I'm going to start looking for a replacement for MikeS, since he hasn't posted at TR in a few days.

I'm back.  Should post some before nightfall day 1
Mafia / Re: Norton's Empire: Day 1
Just now checking in to say I'm alive.  My off-line life has been all consuming but I'm glad we started a bit late so I should be part of the show soon.  I'll review Day 1 and comment if I can before close in 2.5 hours, but as of now I have read nothing and know nothing.
Yes, I am aware of that ST. I am saying that Congress should stop pretending that the last thing out of Trump's mouth means anything and just give him a bill to sign or veto. Whatever they send him will be something that he has said he would support at one time or another. So that would put all the pressure on him.
Ain't gonna happen in the House.

Scroll to 2:40 .... "We will not bring a DACA bill that The President won't support.  What point would it be to bring a bill through here that we won't have signed into law by the president."

Ryan is a ______ (fill in the blank).
mainly my posting ITT is me trying to convince people to go back and rewatch the prequel trilogy because I actually hate you all.
Count me In
I'll be Earl ly to post
You won't find my replies Baron of information
I'll Duke it out with any scum

How are these nobility references?  Good?  Need More?
Sports / Re: Winter Olympics 2018

From 2016 ...
one athlete, who heard she would be tested following a race, simply ran out of the stadium and never finished.
Games / Re: Image Association
 :whyyou:  ST
Original: Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Technical Issues and Questions / Re: Embedding Tweets?
move that comment to the "millenialls ruined XXXX" thread
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Linked In page of the photographer.

Digital Photography Specialist
Games / Re: Image Association
Politics and Current Events / Re: Guess the Party!
The Loony Party?
Games / Re: Image Association
Honestly I am beginning to wonder if this is going to partially rehabilitate the prequels as well.
Nothing can rehabilitate the prequels ....

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Ok so consider this.

Humans of the New Republic colonized Naboo, which was already occupied by a sentient species. Humans treated that species like shit and did not engage in respectful dialogue with them. Meanwhile, the Republic initiates a conflict with the shipping company which provides service in that part of the galaxy by imposing tarriffs on shipping (which I assume Naboo did not want to pay in raised prices of goods) and then sending an armed delegation to "resolve" the conflict. The shipping company responds by implementing a work action by blockading shipping to and from the planet and using armed force to deter scabs brought in by the Republic.

Rather than negotiate a peaceful settlement, the human government of Naboo (currently run by a semi-electoral child aristocracy....what?) ends up recruiting an incompetent member of the indigenous species (who may or may not have been a saboteur and who was an exile from his people because of that) and uses him to gain knowledge of the indigenous species's politics in order to manipulate them into marching en masse against the shipping company's military hardware, resulting in huge losses with no actual purpose, because the space battle was the only battle of any importance. The human colony then uses this "victory" to push this saboteur and nitwit into a position of power where he could "represent" the indigenous species while actually being completely under the thumb of the human politicians. Eventually, that relationship is exploited in order to justify the elimination of democratic rule in the Republic more generally.

In retrospect, the reason the prequel movies make little narrative sense is that the Republic and the Jedi Order are actually the villains.
This is like watching Dune the Movie before reading Dune the books.

There is no way you would pick up the narrative by watching a sweaty Sting fight with a knife.
Honestly I am beginning to wonder if this is going to partially rehabilitate the prequels as well.
Nothing can rehabilitate the prequels ....

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