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Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
and let's not forget oxycontin.
They laid off their entire sales staff

that's too bad. they were doing god's work
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
and let's not forget oxycontin.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
thank god for fentanyl
I feel like "hey dude, let's go light up some justins" is a bit more likely to catch on than "yo dawg let's burn a trudeau"

but hey who knows.
just kidding, I want every last one of their heads on pikes.
seems like they're all scrambling to defuse this, and the pressure is rising, not falling.  we might get total capitulation.  and soon.

Immediate resignation of all Trump administration appointees, including judicial appointees, or nothing.
I'm really trying hard to get "justins" going as slang for joints.
People are crossing between ports of entry because CBP is violating international law by telling people who do go to ports of entry that they're "full." So after waiting for days and hearing that bullshit excuse over and over, people try to enter elsewhere because you can only make a claim for asylum if both feet are on dry land.

They're deliberately creating this situation, and the result will be hundreds of orphans who will never find their parents again.

These kids are going to be trafficked and forgotten about. Academics in 50 years will write books about the lost children of the Trump separations, and there'll be some cutesy nickname they'll give to the population of children who either disappeared or were "lost" but this is a crime against humanity.
Can't spell "joint" without JT
the names might be enough to get some addresses. I hope to see some flaming bags of dogshit on some front porches within the next 24 hours.
oh they know vaguely where they are. But unmarked mass graves in the desert are easy to misplace.

Back in 1989, I had to make a decision about whether to lie on my citizenship application. At the time, immigration law banned "aliens afflicted with sexual deviation," among others suffering from "psychopathic personality," from entry to the United States. I had come to this country as a fourteen-year-old, in 1981, but I had been aware of my "sexual deviation" at the time, and this technically meant that I should not have entered the country. I decided to append a letter to my citizenship application, informing the Immigration and Naturalization Service that I was homosexual but that I disagreed with the exclusion and would be willing to discuss the matter in court. I was young, ambitious, and pragmatically cocky: I had entered the country as a stateless person, not to mention a minor, so I figured that I couldn't be deported. The rational thing to do, however, would have been to obfuscate on my citizenship application.

My application was granted without my having to fight for it in court. I hadn't thought about my naturalization for years, but I find myself thinking about it now, thankful for the near-accident of not having lied on my application. Over the years, the applications for both citizenship and permanent residence have grown ever longer, filling with questions that seem to be designed to be used against the applicant. Question 26 on the green-card application, for example, reads, "Have you EVER committed a crime of any kind (even if you were not arrested, cited, charged with, or tried for that crime)?" (Emphasis in the original.) The question does not specify whether it refers to a crime under current U.S. law or the laws of the country in which the crime might have been committed. In the Soviet Union of my youth, it was illegal to possess foreign currency or to spend the night anywhere where you were not registered to live. In more than seventy countries, same-sex sexual activity is still illegal. On closer inspection, just about every naturalized citizen might look like an outlaw, or a liar.

your rhetoric

lol you're a dummy

No I was specifically saying that Salvini and La Lega don't view southern Italians as Italian. That's all. Very very limited point without extensibility to US immigration.
there might be a black person who makes 70k a year. That would make me anxious too if I was a white supremacist who needed to be be able to point to income disparity as proof that I'm better than other people.
the other problem is that teeth isn't properly accounting for the role that failed palestinian self-government plays in rural white resentment

Actually failed white self-government and failed palestinian self-government have a lot in common.
Remember when you guys were all "no teeth, it's not fair to hate rural white people for supporting Trump, the solution is to help them, not to give up on their basic underlying humanity"

good times

the problem is you're focusing on rural people

there are plenty, probably even more in terms of percentage and total numbers, racist as fuck suburban whites.

Racist suburban whites are the same culture as rural whites. They just want access to the services and opportunities that cities provide.

Kill all WASPS, really.
Remember when you guys were all "no teeth, it's not fair to hate rural white people for supporting Trump, the solution is to help them, not to give up on their basic underlying humanity"

good times

These fuckers have no shame. Especially after all the goddamn Sicilians they sent us.

Lega Nord hates Sicilians too and wants them out of their "country."

Salvini is a fascist piece of shit but your rhetoric there feeds into their agenda.
time to start assassinating republicans
took him a while to figure out whether it would hurt his chances at reelection if he came out against ethnofascism.
Not one senate republican will sign onto the bill banning family separation at the border. Only one Democrat refuses to. Guess the Democrat,
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I thought Intel died in Syria or Libya