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Politics and Current Events / Tax Cut effort thread
So the WH has proposed the following summary.

Tax Brackets:  Drop from 7 to 3 (12%, 25%, 35%)
Individual Deduction:  Double to Single = $12k Married = $24k
Corporate Tax:  Drop from 35% to 20%
No more Alternative Min Tax
No more Estate Tax

As usual these are just bullet points and no real backup numbers or analysis has been done.  Initial 10 year cost is estimated at over $5.0 Trillion (depending on income ranges for the tax brackets).

The GOP, in both the house and senate, are trying to push this through without Democratic help so they need the numbers to be net neutral on cost over 10 years (less than $1 Trillion over ten years or something like that).  The Republicans and White House are claiming that dynamic scoring by claiming increased growth above 3% would pay for these cuts; except that dynamic scoring is NOT ALLOWED in calculating cost when considering a reconciliation package.  This was why the GOP needed health care repeal/replace to give enough savings to pay for the tax cuts.

I predict another shit storm in both houses until the House comes up with a kludge enough to please AllBut20 reps.  The Senate, not so much and another failure is in the works.
Politics and Current Events / Our prices are INSANE!!!
'Our prices are INSANE': Crazy Eddie, fabled electronics retailer and fraudster, has died at 68

In 1992, the New York Times published a story about the collapse of the Crazy Eddie chain.

According to the piece, the stores grew too quickly and began stealing business from one another.

Antar would allegedly strap cash to his body and travel with it to Israel. When he arrived, he would deposit the money into the Bank Leumi of Israel. That money would later be funneled through Panama and mixed in with receipts of Crazy Eddie stores as a means of fooling financial analysts who were watching the company, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

RIP you pursuer of the American Dream.
Barcelona terror attack: Multiple casualties as van ploughs into crowd at Las Ramblas - latest

Terror in Barcelona as van hits crowd in Las Ramblas
Hostage situation underway in nearby restaurant
'Several dead' - Spanish media reports

Ongoing Breaking News.
Looks like another Van found 40 miles away, could have taken drivers or others away from scene (still to be confirmed).

Didn't we just have this scene on Saturday?  Why yes we did ...

Ahhhh, the face of the disheveled drunk.  Except this guy could pay for a driver.

Tiger Woods arrested, charged with DUI in Florida after police see him driving erratically Tweet email

How the mighty continue to fall and fade away.
News reports in the US are now saying from British sources that it was a suicide bomber.
20+ dead and 100+ injured.
Happened near the ticketing area of the Arena just when the Ariana Grande concert finished.
Old TR had a small set of edit buttons available in the Quick Reply box (Bold, Italic, Font Size, Font Color, etc...).

Any chance to activate that in ElkeArt?
Technical Issues and Questions / TR Fund Drive?
To Ravenscape, osmanthus and others who have worked hard to get TR back up and running.

What type of fund drive do you need to get things squared away?  I had read RexT offering assistance and was wondering if you have a member fund drive scheduled to cover some of the costs?
Introductions / Hello again .... again.
So, my registration for ElkeArt test forum didn't xfer to zombie forum.

Changed from Mike PSS (Project Steve Sibling) to MikeS since the ID war is past history and the creationists are busy with social engineering at the local government level.

So on with the show; and chose an avatar to represent the zombie nature of TR for the moment.