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General Discussion / Re: home buying advice
By every single house you pass, even if it is not in a desirable neighborhood or in the same neighborhood as other houses you own.  Eventually you will own every house in the vicinity and will be able to charge exorbitant rent to temporary tenants there.
Scott Pruitt definitely deserves his own thread.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel
can a mod edit teeth's post to say adhfhhffsfhhbfdswruncxf it giraffic uhh fhfhjhhhhggdsw
Most people don't know this but democrats also started the kkk.
It is the worst.
Double spacing after periods will never die because it is correct.
You should be safe now because you have an anchor husband.
She did spend a couple days in Italy first. Rome was cold and dreary. Barcelona was warm and colourful and sophisticated.

Jesus Christ.
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
from what I understand, this case is a pretty extreme "corner case".  you have a baker refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, and you have a gay couple who is insisting their wedding cake be baked by that guy.  it not only strikes me as a rare circumstance, but as requiring an extreme amount of unreasonability from both parties involved.  if the court's opinion didn't say something like "the courts are not there to settle every little dispute.  at some point, people have to be grownups and work things out on their own", then it should have.

Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
This whole thread is like a blast from the New Atheist past.

Another way of looking at it is you're an idiot.
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
Not sure I understand the outrage at this decision. It is pretty obvious that there are some occupational activities for which laws that prohibit discrimination agagainst gay people infringe on religious liberty (e.g., way at the margins, being an officiant at weddings). The cake guy seems to see himself as some kind of artist who can't bake for this wedding in good conscience, and there are surely tons of other bakers available for this relatively unimportant part of the wedding. Thinking that the cake guy should be legally required to bake a cake seems like a punitive viewpoint that accords no respect at all to stupid religious opinions, and objecting to the decision because it will erroneously be used as ammunition for fundamentalist legislative pushes is just slippery-slope thinking. And all of this pragmatism about free speech is especially strange in light of the fact some of the pragmatists (thinking of PD here) are pretty much absolutists when it comes to free speech for literally neo-Nazis.

Obama is the real racist.
Thanks for explaining the joke.
I wonder what the probable cause was for asking for his immigration documents.
Yay the Republican party is dead!
But I would be playing dirty as hell right now after that suspended August recess nonsense.
Politics are obviously complicated.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
Maybe you are just terrible at it.
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
Yes, but these are test cases for future legislation, such as attacks on anti LGBT discrimination laws in blue states, and "religious freedom" legislation in red states
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
This ruling is dumb but pretty narrow and kinda toothless.  The bigger problem is that people are terrible about interpreting case law and legal reporting is terrible, so conservatives are going to look at the headlines and use this an excuse to validate and encourage discrimination by business owners.