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What Dave is really asking, of course, is why we (or some of us) do not regard unborn fetuses as babies in the legal sense of being a person.

It's a decent question, given that we do in fact refer to "unborn babies" in many contexts, including when we are pregnant.

I'm happy to give my answer to that question.

OK I'm listening.

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Computers and Technology / Re: Robots and uncanny valleys
I am sorry but I don't want our future overlords sounding like dentist drills the entire time they move
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
I strongly suspect ontic is not bart. Not everybody is bart.
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
Hello. I am called Valor. Pleased to meet you.
I am surprised this didn't work.
Well it was a long time ago, also don't call me bro I'm a girl irl
how is anybody fucking arguing about this and if it's wrong or not, or if it was a different time, or  if the media is doing a "hit job" or whatever shitty justification you want to throw out there?

is this place fucking filled with child molesters or some shit?

jesus christ you people are fucking ridiculous, idc if it was 1521, that's no excuse for a Roy Moore to go around molesting high school kids.
lol nazbols
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 6
Lesson for town: always listen to me. I've been wrong once ever in the last two games (incidentally, the only time I've been wrong in mafia either since I am brand new to mafia and talk rational dot com)
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 6
I'm a town commuter and since I commute out of town every night I can't make any night moves including putting in a night kill.

I can't believe y'all motherfuckers bought an "I'm unnightkillable town every single night!" claim
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 4
There's almost no reason to no kill, especially when you're doing so poorly. Scum should be throwing hail marys, not playing it safe.
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 4
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 4
I mean shit do it idc I think it'll reveal some info. I hope anyway. My bet is there's one scum left - I don't think a recruit happened last night but it's possible. There's a lot of days left. JUST DON'T LOSE IT LIKE YOU DID LAST GAME WHEN I WAS ON TOP OF MY SHIT, TOWN.
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 4
RE: me being quiet today, I've had a lot going on. I'm drunk af and I just got married so I've had bigger fish to fry
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 4

I guess scum decided no-kill because it would cast shade on PB bailing, what do you think?

The BW on me is fucking ridiculous. I voted scum early D1 and was on scum D2. Day 3 I wasn't on the wrong lynch. Pull your heads out your asses. At least we can afford to lynch me, I guess.

Suggesting scum no killed is pretty suspicious imo.

##VOTE  nostrum ##
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Harvey Weinstein
Everybody knows.

that the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
I can't see Northam losing but that's probably shaped by the fact I avoid going south of Springfield.
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 3
The weird inventor role claim bothers me too tbh
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 3
checking voting history was a good idea imo, thanks!
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 3
##VOTE  borealis ##
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia day 3
ok bor is deftown afai am concerned

I really could see ksen as final scum but OMGUS and I can't read him

why do we let valor skate? ?

How the fuck am I skating? I voted scum two days in a row.

k ##UNVOTE rach##

Ksen would bus every last member of his team if he thought it would work. So don't leave him out.

Valor has been very... team-spirited...  itg, so maybe I should check his vote history because I don't remember.

By all means, check it.
Thanks for bringing that up, borealis.

There's a great organization that I follow, National Link Coalition. They've found there is a strong link between animal abuse and domestic abuse and work to stop the abuses. Their website is

I am unsure if they delve into other violence issues though.
Ah, finally, someone has put their finger on the real problem: not enough guns.

The only reasonable solution is to arm all the churches. And schools. Workplaces. Concerts. Pretty much anywhere people gather, we need a whole shitton of semi-automatic rifles with large, high capacity magazines. That way, if someone opens fire, they will get instantly shot, by all the Good Guys With Guns.

It really is fool-proof. I mean what could possibly go wrong when everyone is heavily armed, all the time?

I agree, down with this hippie bullshit swords into plowshares and spears into pruninghooks sissyboy nonsense.
Mafia / Re: Mafia mafia Day 2
lol you're that convinced I'm independent, huh? OK.

I am not fwiw