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Yeah, North Korea has nukes. In contrast, Cuba has never been associated with any possibility of global nuclear conflict. Take that libs.
Rubio's Twitter banner appears to be himself laughing maniacally as he watches the edifice of civilization collapsing, crushing the bones of faceless millions into powder

Guess which part is fake and which is real

The clock is fake
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
If only Hitler had been accepted to art school. If only more models had paid attention to Trump at studio 54 in the 80's
It's good if Trump doesn't start a war, but he is telling all dictators in the world "Kill as many people as you want, the US won't say shit and will even reward you if you kiss my ass/bribe me." Which some critics say is a possible downside.
What's the difference between chickpeas and garbanzo beans? Trump has never paid garbanzos to bean all over him
Solo was pretty okay. A lot of it was enjoyable, but it has the same problems of being messy and over-plotted as the other Disney Star Wars movies. The lead actor was good, but I never really believed that he was the same Han Solo. Lando was better. Nothing in the movie was as good as the preview for the Queen biopic.
In lieu of guillotines, let's take a moment to appreciate the Harold Hills of the world who soak the rich morons of the upper crust:
And that's why you always smash the patriarchy.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Another snowflake lib owned by Trump's awesome coin
Politics and Current Events / Re: Facebook
Facebook neighborhood groups are amazing.

They forgot "The Snitch"
I'd like to hear more about this cannon fodder idea though.
I saw a car decal yesterday that said "I love guns and coffee" with the Starbucks logo mermaid holding a pistol in each hand
It costs employers nothing to post as many jobs as they want and then whine about not getting good candidates. Try zip recruiter for free with this special offer!
Well he has practically already won the Nobel peace prize for bringing peace to the Koreas and the middle East, so no doubt he can do some good here at home too
Perhaps the game was over before it even began
In the West Pale of Settlement born and raised, in the shtetl is where I spent most of my days...
I see you're reading Marx, yet you're wearing glasses made by capitalism?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel
We're like two steps away from Israel offering Palestinian hunting safaris to American evangelicals
They wanted to exchange money for services, what's wrong with that? Sounds to me like the president makes great deals and has unbelievable cash flow.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Anime is real
Uruse! Baka...
but with superdelegates, the Democrats nominated someone who lost to Trump.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel
I guess that explains why rural white evangelical Americans have for decades been rallying for and financially supporting their spiritual brothers in arms, the Palestinians
Wtf? Is that another Giuliani goof, or a radical twist in their defense? Because ne's now essentially calling Cohen and Trump a liar.

ETA: Even Fox News had to call them out:
Giuliani also went on TV and said the intent of the travel ban was to ban muslims, but to try to find a legal way to do it.  that has haunted the white house's defense of the ban ever since.

think he's having senior moments.  really bad idea for trump to bring him on board.  unless trump's ultimate, 11 - dimensional chess strategy is to claim incompetent counsel, or whatever it's called.

I think Giuliani is beyond senior moments at this point.