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That said, Pandora has been saying a lot more in this thread, than simply that the rural poor are human.
Yeah.  Pandora's been fuming and venting about a fairly large number of self-proclaimed liberals (not necessarily here) who are hell-bent on vilifying "the other side" as evil.  It's fucking politics as religion.  I expect that from the god-bothering jesus-freak die-hard republicans.  But I get straight up pissed when it's atheists who turn their political ideology into dogma and then actively persecute and condemn nearly half the fucking country for not having the right thoughts.  It's an Orwellian nightmare in the making, and a large number of liberals are so in love with their righteousness that they can't see they're becoming their own evil.

For fuck's sake, you guys have been condemning me for years now.  And 90% of the time, it's based on some twisted reframing of something I've said.  Well, that and the fact that teeth is an obsessive piece of shit, and gunner's got some special Pandora repository that I think he might actually rub his genitals over once in a while.  It's actually a bit creepy.

Seriously though, it's general irritation at the rampant dumbness of liberals and democrats right now.  Conservatives have always been mostly dumb, republicans have always been mostly brainwashed.  But at the moment, liberals are busy making sure that they're better at being shitheaded retards than conservatives are!  Yay team!  The scary thing is that teeth isn't alone in his "genocide the interior" approach to adult life.  I've been inundated with this same kind of vitriolic hatred toward rural people for the entire year, and it's absurd.  It's childish.  And it's just fucking sad.  It's so much second-grade pouty hate that I'm genuinely afraid we'll end up with Trump for another four goddamned years because fucking liberals can't get their heads out of their ivory-tower asses long enough to realize that their shit stinks too, and maybe the best way to win the next presidential election is to stop being better at being horrible than the horrible choice!

Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?

did anybody actually read all this?

Just the part about you rubbing your genitals
Pandora's posts almost perfectly express the heightened aversion to uncleanliness/impurity that characterizes the inability of authoritarian-cock-guzzling "conservative" retard ass-heads to think clearly about the world they live in
Sports / Re: What???
Need more photos of grief-stricken Italians holding their heads in shock and disbelief
Welp, now he raped a high school girl and then signed her yearbook
I know I've brought up biological drives on more than one occasion.  They're a real thing.  I don't heap scorn on anyone for finding a pubescent teenager attractive - that's how we're wired.  But there's a huge gaping chasm between finding someone attractive and acting on that attraction in a way that breaks the law ;)

You evidently don't understand a lot about 'biological drives', Pandora. Quit getting your talking points from high school reddit manospherists and pedophiles.

I'm glad you know so much about biological drives.  It's nice to know that you're here to set the records straight.  Please enlighten me - Are we evolved to not find sexually mature members of our species attractive until after they've passed an socially defined arbitrary threshold?  Or did you just not bother to read the whole post?

A female is most fertile and capable of bearing children literally the day after she hits puberty - biological drive fact
Just another example of how men are more rational and logical than emotional women.
Oh look, yet another family annihilator:

It's almost as if all the research that shows women and children are at greater risk for being killed by a family member if there are guns in a home is on to something. It's almost as if there's something to this idea of toxic masculinity.

Hoster said the couple had been experiencing financial struggles. The two owned a Scottsdale business, Macrotherapy, specializing in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

I'm no business genius, but if you have a gun and you need money maybe try robbing a bank before you give up and kill the whole family?
Can't get anything past you guys.
It's making me really uncomfortable when people refer to 1979 as being 40 years ago, it was ONLY 38 years ago and there are still TWO MORE YEARS until it will be 40, thank you


they don't care even if it's true

Why would Free Republic users "care" about Roy Moore achieving their main goal in life except to be jealous
I doubt any of these people can even lightly jog 100 yards.
I think the Democrats really need to invest in finding an effective way to deal with the fake news issue. It is known that Russians and others are using social media to spread fake news, but how much did that specifically have an impact, as opposed to other factors? Such as: Trump's rallies and word of mouth, mainstream media amplifying his messages and giving him free publicity, etc. How many votes did he really get just from twitter bots and shares from your aunt?

I'm afraid that the plodding Democrat establishment (i.e. Verrit) are going to invest huge amount of time and money into arguing with bots and fake news articles online, which is just boosting their "engagement". There has to be a smarter way.

One possible silver lining I thought of today is that despite how long it will take to recover from Trump and the many imitators who will come after, there probably isn't anyone else who can dominate social media like him. He was already one of the most famous people in America for 30-40 years prior to his campaign. No-names aren't going to be able to just jump on Twitter and pick up 50 million followers by trying to be the next Trump.
Maybe start by researching the problem, by doing actual scientific research instead of paying shithead consultants and reading takes from pundit garbageland.
Yes we should get our shit together so we don't lose to Trump :ohmy:
They have curved swords. Curved. Swords.
Court-martialed for domestic abuse. This town was where his mother-in-law lived.
Do people actually go to church in Texas expecting to not get shot? I'm not too familiar with that culture.
Politics and Current Events / Re: this 401(k) shit
You guys make good points. Shitty things can happen at any point during a kid's life.

Yeah. My sister has been playing that Despacito song for her newborn son.
Also, there are way more than 5 places in the US to participate in the modern economy, and most of them aren't vast concrete jungles. I am living in one of them. It is only a few minutes from where the buffalo roam and seldom is heard a discouraging word.

Okay.  So what if there is 20, or 50? There's millions of out of work people who are tied to their communities through a variety of ways.  Is it reasonable to expect them to pick up and move?

If we're not going to have a society that looks after everyone's needs, and not just those of country lovin' white people, then yes it is reasonable.
Also, there are way more than 5 places in the US to participate in the modern economy, and most of them aren't vast concrete jungles. I am living in one of them. It is only a few minutes from where the buffalo roam and seldom is heard a discouraging word.
Would I see this level of scorn if this story was about black folks in Detroit who were refusing retraining because they hoped the auto industry was going to return?  You all know the answer to that.  Quit being fucking jerks.

ETA: Teeth really is a stupid shitbag.

Did these black folks vote for an insane rage clown who promised to fuck everyone who doesn't look like them and grab all the pussy?
I don't expect him to get impeached and I don't see anyone else here predicting that either. 

personally, I expect several people close to him to end up in prison, and for the mueller investigation to keep hurting his poll numbers and ability to move legislation.

Anything that hurts Trump is good, even if it doesn't go as far as we hope. Even if it just makes him rage and use up some more of his allotted lifetime heartbeats.
Happy Anniversary, guys!

Real Journalism. That matters. Now more than ever.
if he was scared, I would think he would have simply not done the interview in the first place.  msnbc does not exactly have a reputation for being friendly to republicans.

but then again, it is a mystery why he is giving interviews at all, plus he is a big idiot, so who knows what he is thinking

Consensus seems to be that he is a retard.