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It's amusing to watch Doodles spend years trying to get as much mileage as possible with his "I'm totally a businessman" and "you wouldn't understand, you're not a businessman" shtick.

As I recall Doodles got invited into a business plan because he had some money to invest and others decided to cut him in as a partner. He had fuck all to do with the initial idea or the business plan or strategy. Little if anything to do with sourcing suppliers, responsibility in long term development of clients, accounting or commercial finance. Etc.

In my limited recollection, and what little I did see, I saw what appeared to be descriptions of someone who, having contributed little to none of those things, after his investment was relegated to the day to day handling of the "labor" side of that business with whatever materials, fixtures or machinery or whatever, and stock their clients required as a way of pulling his share of the load.

Of course there's every chance I'm completely wrong and Doodles will happily explain his deep and widely varied business planning, fiscal and logistical decisions and responsibilities he experienced during his "businessman in business for himself" adventures.

And then who knows, maybe he will get around to explaining exactly how being a "businessman" makes Trump qualified to run a governmental bureaucracy. Instead of just spending months going "lol" and "hahahah ahaha" and asserting that everyone else "just doesn't understand" as his only response every time someone explains to him why that assertion is bullshit.
Judge Rejects Roy Moore's Move Seeking To Delay Certification Of Senate Vote

I love this bit:

"Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says his office has found no evidence of voter fraud," Andrew Yeager of member station WBHM reports.  ...
Citing a case that he said was "very concerning to a lot of people," Merrill described reports of a town with 2,200 residents -- and where more than 5,000 votes were recorded. That supposedly happened south of Birmingham, in a town called Bordalama.

"That is very, very frightening to think that that occurred," Merrill said, "except when you realize that there is no town or community in the state of Alabama called Bordalama. So, that was all fictitious. It was made up, it was just a lie that started on the Internet."
more*  :rofl: s

*(or moore :rofl: s,  as the case may be)
Lol, "Bordalama"?

That was almost the best part. The whole thing was started by a satirical site called Ladies of Liberty. One site in a hub of several that exist solely to troll the rubes of the far right.

The hyperlink for the town's name on the original article led you that ol' classic website

(edit:  which, now that I've bothered to look is a related but turned commercial site, as some may recall in the 90's it used to be a "single-serving" site that had nothing but tiled gifs of dancing hamsters as it's only page. Archived)

Perhaps a more presentable edit for the use.

I was the one who said it doesn't exist at PT.

Yeah, I just caught that and edited my post. My bad.

Dave, you've been posting at TR since it's inception, I think.

Have you ANY idea of how the board works?
well I think when an admin asks you to do something or not do something, you are supposed to comply. Am I wrong?

Atbc was recently wondering what happened to you David, why not go back there
???? There's been no AtBC at The Panda's Thumb for many a moon.  Is it somewhere else?

At the old AtBC Wesley restricted his posting privileges to a single topic.
no he restricted me to the bathroom wall. Which effectively means I was banned.

No, it doesn't "effectively mean" you were banned. Being banned would mean you couldn't post anything there at all.  You were in fact free to post anything you liked.

Kind of the opposite of being banned.

Doodles, intentionally or not seems to be trying to or has blended the two Bathroom Walls into one here in his mind. It's the only way I can make sense of what the hell he's trying to claim. He's claiming "AtBC doesn't exist anymore at PT" which is nonsensical as it "doesn't exist" in perhaps not having a direct link to the forum after the format of the website changed. (edit: I mixed up what Jon said there with what Doodles said, go it now, the rest of the confusion stands)

Doodles may have been banned to the now defunct Bathroom Wall on the "old" Panda's Thumb (the website, Doodles) way back in the day, I haven't the slightest idea and don't recall that ever happening and regardless I have a reeeealy hard time believing Wesley personally had a damn thing to do with that if it did.

Doodles was most certainly not banned to the (different) Bathroom Wall on (the forum, Doodles) in the AtBC subforum. In fact he knows this as he's posted there in his own publicly viewable thread just over a year ago.

The rest of us seem to be very clear how we took what he said as Doodles seemed to be comparing an equivalent forum ban to an alleged "forum ban" and invoked Wesley's name. Which makes fucking sense if one has the AtBC subforum in mind.

TLDR; Doodles is confused. He thinks AtBC is the Bathroom Wall that existed at Panda's.

(edit: Btw Doodles, and I may come to regret telling you this, but if you were previously banned at Panda's Thumb you are no longer. It now uses a discus commenting system so you are free to re-earn your previous alleged ban should you choose.)

Wesley banned me something like 10 years ago.  Try to keep up.  Some lame excuse, I can't even remember what it was.
Lol, you weren't banned. You just left when you were confined to a specific thread.

Which is pretty much what you voluntarily do here.

Try to keep up.

A new thread Wesley created over ten years ago when he got tired of Doodles opening new threads as a way of rebooting anytime too many questions or evidence that he couldn't address accumulated and his Morton's Demon told him to GTFO.

The Last Topic AFDave Will Ever Need

It's only a page long and consists mostly of discussion about why he got corralled. The last time he commented there was October before last when someone pointed out Doodles was accusing Wesley of having "goons on Wikipedia" working on his behalf. This accusation was made here on TR in his "everybody is just rediscovering shit the ancients already knew" thread if IIRC.

Can someone directly point to the "guidance" that Borealis gave, wherever that happened?

Apparently I've missed that comment and Dave, in another thread, is claiming that she asked everyone stop talking about pedophilia altogether rather then just stop accusing other people of being pedophiles. I suspect this is an attempt of Dave's to avoid dealing with having his own words quoted at him while he simultaneously accuses others of misrepresenting what he has actually said.

Since I don't trust Doodles as far as I can throw him, barring her own response here, I'd like to read what she wrote myself.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Invertebrates
The appropriately named Honeypot Ant

Honeypot ants, also called honey ants, are ants which have specialized workers (repletes, plerergates, or rotunds) that are gorged with food by workers to the point that their abdomens swell enormously. Other ants then extract nourishment from them. They function as living larders. Honeypot ants belong to any of several genera, including Myrmecocystus and Camponotus. They were first documented in 1881 by Henry C. McCook, and described further in 1908 by William Morton Wheeler.

You're right Dave. You shouldn't be banned.

You're just an idiot who can't stop himself from promoting the concept of early teen and pre-teen brides.

and now we find ourselves in a situation where you, a Darwin Club member, can continue to talk about this topic including  distorting my view as you are doing here (LYING) with no threat of banning. But I, a non Darwin Club member, cannot.

Isn't that interesting?

Hey Dave, remember that time I showed you pictures of Warren Jeffs making out with his brand new 12 year old bride along with a group photo of his child brides and their children, making it clear that he must have been fucking them at around the ages of 12 and 13 and maybe as late as the spinsters age of 14?

Remember how I asked how that fit into your "criteria of culture" and how pretty much all you had to say about it was "Not enough info given" and how you didn't necessarily think it was ideal ?  Not a whisper about their age, concern for their health or well being, or anything about some magic age of 15 years old you are now banging on about?

Repeated again your worth-horseshit anecdote from an English teacher, which in other comments you have repeatedly referred to as the "evidence" you were building your "reasonable speculation" on, and how that anecdote was extra special because she as a woman was apparently more perceptive ? (presumably this means that grooming kids for fucking, who will more often than not appear "happy" about it, is an issue she would have noticed and pointed out being a female English teacher and all).

Then you babbled some about your big book of mythologized history and about how your invisible friend is all wishy-washy about what kind of marriages are permitted,  like anybody gives a fuck?  Also slipping in once again a biblical justification of your go-to "fucking for profit" model of human interrelations ?

Remember when you couldn't bring yourself to condemn a man who's fucking girls as young as 12 and 13 on the basis of their age?

Good times.  :awgee:

If the groom is happy ... and the bride is happy ... and they were according to the eyewitness account I read ... then yes ... woo hoo ... bravo ...

As for FGM, I've not read any accounts by any girls (that it was done to) being happy with that practice.  Have you?

Folks, this is not rocket science.

I'd criticize what I see here but since I have read a Playboy a time or two it would be hypocritical and inconsistent of me to do so. They both sure seem happy, and there's probably a patch of grass on the playing field, so play ball amirite Dave?

And obviously since I accept evolution, which according to Dave's last swipe at the matter the theory is apparently prescriptive rather than descriptive, I should agree that there's nothing wrong with banging girls potentially as young as say 12 or 13 as long as they've transitioned into puberty.

(we'll conveniently forget that all that other biological research pretty much everyone, including Dave, has heard of that shows the brains of teenage minors aren't fully developed and capable of getting around risk taking behavior or develop full reasoning skills until way past puberty and this concept is one of the primary reasons our laws saw we don't fuck and marry minors, or let them drink, or vote, etc. But forget all of that noise, we've got culture to consider.)

So, it looks like we fall back on culture and some half-assed asserted bullshit about "evolution" that Dave has no doubt been corrected on before (that the idea that evolution says "we should do X" is fallacious horseshit, Dave. See also the naturalistic fallacy).

Here's a culture for ya Dave, practiced continuously in this nation since before it was outlawed. They look happy, and he's a powerful and rich man who can keep them happy. I'll bet cash money that guy even owns a shitload of goats. (not with you though, we all know how that shit plays out.)

Anyway, they sure look happy, and I can link to plenty of eyewitness testimony from others that know them intimately about how wonderful it all is and how happy they all are. Woo hoo, amirite?

I assume, Dave, since everyone is demonstrably happy and this is "their culture" this is ok, right?

Or is it only ok as long as he's only fucking *one* of those little girls?  You'll have to sort out this particular "rocket science" for me.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I assume, Dave, since everyone is demonstrably happy and this is "their culture" this is ok, right?

Not enough info given.
  Note that my "woo hoo" comment about the Maasai couple was only made after reading the eyewitness report by a woman [1] who lived with them for an extended period of time and presumably learned a thing or two about their cultural norms.  She gave no indication that this young bride was being exploited.  Quite the opposite actually.  So yeah ... woo hoo ... good for the old dude being able to catch a young beauty.  Now ... does this mean that I think that THEIR CULTURE is ideal? No, I don't.  I believe that God created humans for monogamy and that monogamous cultures set up correctly are the best.  But most aren't and God knows that so he works with people practicing different models - polygamy, concubinage even prostitution[2]
yes, that's key because women are more perceptive than men and a woman would typically be more sensitive to a potential situation where a 15 year old bride might be exploited
Have you never heard of Rahab the Harlot in the Bible?  If I'm not mistaken, she was in the line that gave birth to the Messiah.  EXPLOITIVE prostitution of course is bad as is exploitation of any kind ... and cheating on husbands / wives is bad ... but sex for pay can be a good situation for all parties if a monogamous situation is not possible.  Concubinage is "sex for pay" of a little higher status.  And there are plenty of wives who sleep with their husbands but don't particularly enjoy it but they like the lifestyle / money / etc.
Is that a Tesla in your fairing or are you just happy to see me? *

The FH was rolled out to Launch Pad 39a and raised to it's fully erect position.

The video is a time lapse running at 16x followed by repeat at 32x.

* initial joke shamelessly stolen from social media. I make no apologies for the second.
Games / Re: Image Association
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Cat Thread
Payload is fully encapsulated within the fairing and has been moved to the assembly building for test fitment.

There is some speculation about whether Musk will chose to leave the payload in place after fitment when the multi-core assembly is moved to the pad for the multiple static tests that are necessary for this new platform. While the Roadster might have some sentimental and a bit of historical value the whole point of selecting it, aside from the obvious advertising value, was using something slightly better than water, concrete, or steel but still an easily sacrificed payload on an initial "test" vehicle. While it's certain that a genuine payload with a potential worth of billions would never be left on the assembly during testing, in this case he might elect to do so and save days of labor and not an insubstantial amount of moolah.
Games / Re: Image Association
That I'm not racist.  Hell ... I GREW UP in "the hood" ...

Check out the Fresh Prince of Dairy-Aire.  ::)  JFC
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
In keeping with Trumpian tradition of hiring the least qualified and/or most antagonistic person possible to head up a department or position. Trump thought it a good idea to make Pete Hoekstra the new Ambassador to the Netherlands.

In case you don't know, good 'ol Pete was a Congressman from Michigan who served on the House Intelligence Committee including as it's Chair and is your standard issue far right wingnut Christ-er who is anti-just about everything from gays to drugs to brown people. Just the person to send to the Netherlands, amirite?

Like a good number of Republicans taking full advantage of fear tactics, he too did his share of table pounding about fictitious no-go zones and attacks at home and abroad. A local reporter in the Netherlands decided to corner him on the falsehoods he has said about the country he was just appointed Ambassador to. Witness as Trump's Make America Laughable Again policies continue to take effect world wide. Watch as Hoekstra lies about his lie, then lies about that lie.

US ambassador to Netherlands describes own words as 'fake news'
The US ambassador to the Netherlands faced an excruciating moment on television when he denied ever saying that there were no-go zones in the Netherlands, calling the suggestion "fake news".

Trump's new choice for ambassador, Pete Hoekstra, who was only sworn in by the vice president, Mike Pence, on 11 December, was being interviewed for current affairs programme Nieuwsuur by reporter Wouter Zwart.

Zwart says: "You mentioned in a debate that there are no-go zones in the Netherlands, and that cars and politicians are being set on fire in the Netherlands."

Hoekstra replies: "I didn't say that. This is actually an incorrect statement. We would call it fake news."

Hoekstra is then shown clips of him saying: "The Islamic movement has now gotten to a point where they have put Europe into chaos. Chaos in the Netherlands, there are cars being burnt, there are politicians that are being burnt ... and yes there are no-go zones in the Netherlands."

Challenged about having called this "fake news", Hoekstra then went on to deny to Zwart that he had in fact used the phrase "fake news".

"I didn't call that fake news. I didn't use the words today. I don't think I did."

Hoekstra, who was born in Groningen in the Netherlands, was a Republican Congressman for Michigan between 1993 and 2011, and served as chair of the House intelligence committee for two years during that time.

The "but it's only just a little bit racist" political ad. He's Pete Hoekstra, and he approved this message.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Vertebrates; Misc.
Yep. I tried to searching for the source for a little context and narrow down what kind, but no such luck.
Awesome AMA is awesome.     :rofl:

*  also, a reminder that having fallen into the alt-right alt-med anti-vax conspiracy blender, Doodles thinks Cernovich "appears to be a good journalist"   ::)
Games / Re: Image Association
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Vertebrates; Misc.

The Falcon Heavy assembly is in progress at the Cape....

.... and the payload prep is well underway too ....

What I love about America is that we can see a headline like that and struggle to remember which shooter we're talking about. So I guess if enough of these shooters get buried in the avalanche of shit news we find ourselves in, maybe they won't think it's a way to get famous posthumously. Like can anyone remember the Las Vegas shooter's name? I can't.

Yeah, I looked it myself up out of curiosity but I'll not mention it so you guys can collectively continue to forget him.

I find this more than a little fucked up though. This is the photo Wikipedia chose to use. Apparently the media was using it under fair use having swiped it from his girlfriends FB account.

Personally I don't think they should bother with photos of people that commit crimes like this in further discouragement of the "fame" factor, but really?  Using this picture of him with eyes shut and getting tanked in a bar doing a shot?    JFC