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Topic: "The breakthrough that CCS needs" (obligatory clickbait headline) (Read 107 times) previous topic - next topic

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"The breakthrough that CCS needs" (obligatory clickbait headline)
This here new-fangled invention is kinda nifty, if it fucking works.

NET Power's CO2 cycle: the breakthrough that CCS needs

NET Power's proposed oxyfuel power plant technology, with supercritical CO2 as the working fluid in a radically new cycle, makes carbon capture an inherent feature of the process, not an add-on with very large parasitic loads, as with "conventional" CCS approaches. The result: 100% carbon capture with extraordinarily high target efficiencies, 58.9% LHV for gas, 51.44% LHV for coal.

Vox version here: (has less complicated diagrams)

Could be a useful thing to have.
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