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  • MikeS
TR Fund Drive?
To Ravenscape, osmanthus and others who have worked hard to get TR back up and running.

What type of fund drive do you need to get things squared away?  I had read RexT offering assistance and was wondering if you have a member fund drive scheduled to cover some of the costs?

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Re: TR Fund Drive?
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Not sure exactly how much TR should cost next year, yet.  It depends on if we can get the database back, which is *likely* but still up in the air.  It will involve moving to a new web host, though.  I'm leaning toward TR committing to a few months lease to start, rather than a year, so we can bail if we're not happy.

But, we do need to raise some funds.  ksen says we have a little over $100 in the kitty atm.  $500-$600 will probably cover the high end of the possible range of costs for Aug 2016 - Aug 2017.

I think Rext was offering to pay for storing the old IIDB forum database if it was still available.