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Re: What Movie have you watched lately?
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Watched half of Wonder Woman about two months ago.  Still haven't finished it.  It was okay I guess, but clearly not compelling.

Plus, I was pretty irked with the completely idiotic reinvention and smooshing together of both the Greek and Roman pantheons.  Seriously, these are well established myths. - don't go fucking with them just so you can make some superheroine movie.  Maybe I'll try to give it another go this weekend.  Although I think we're planning to binge-watch all of Firefly and Serenity.  We've got a friend visiting who has never seen them. 

I know - where has this guy been that he hasn't seen them?  Well... working in hot zones in the middle east then isolated in an ashram, so at least he has a decent excuse.  Still, it's a travesty bordering on heresy.
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Re: What Movie have you watched lately?
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I watched Jordan Peele's horror satire "Get Out" last night. It kicked ass. The satire was a lot thicker than the blood, however. There was comparatively little gore, and the way the plot unfolded was more like a thriller than a horror flick.