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  • TalkRational: i guess the only reason there aren't already IRA style murals of PZ and the struggle is that none of these people ever go outside.

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Re: Witches Day 2
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...intent to hammer...

Re: Witches Day 2
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Look do i have to spell it out.
You caught me red handed and I've been messing with you. There's no way out. It's been fun.

Re: Witches Day 2
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ksen is deffo sketch and bart is basically nonexistent when he draws scum.  could be right.

TW doesn't sit well with me but TW is also a brick

Re: Witches Day 2
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I have the hammer



Bili you have 5 final votes now.

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Re: Witches Day 2
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You tie Magicziggy up to a pole, pile a bunch of wood up under his feet, and set it on fire. He blows on the flames to fan them up higher, faster.

Magicziggy was town.