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New portable test for ebola (and potentially other diseases)
Thanks to the efforts of Dr Moschos' research team, working with a manufacturer of innovative diagnostic solutions, a new point of care diagnostic platform - EbolaCheck - has been developed, which can be deployed to the scene of an outbreak. The test can now be carried out on an amount of blood that is 700 times smaller than previously needed - literally a drop obtained by 'pin pricking' a finger - and it now takes less than 70 minutes to complete. As a result, the test is much safer to administer, requires minimal training and reduces the cost of diagnosis significantly. Crucially, its performance is comparable to laboratory testing, meaning any patient with symptoms of Ebola can be safely and reliably diagnosed.

Press release from Northumbria University:

Pop Sci report:

Shah, E.Bentley, A. Tyler, K. S. Richards, E. Wright, L. Easterbrook, D. Lee, C. Cleaver, L. Usher, J. E. Burton, J. Pitman, C. B. Bruce, D. Edge, M. Lee, N. Nazareth, D. A. Norwood and S. A. Moschos, Field-deployable, Quantitative, Rapid Identification of Active Ebola Virus Infection in Unprocessed Blood. Chem. Sci., 2017, DOI: 10.1039/C7SC03281A
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