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  • uncool
Saudi Arabia purge?
Anyone have a clue what's going on? I'm seeing a lot of speculation about a purge of the "old guard" related to the late king, including the recent arrests, but not much more concrete.

Re: Saudi Arabia purge?
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Mohammad bin Salman is cleaning house, game of Thrones style. He has put his own people in charge of security and economic affairs, and jailing critics and adversaries. And by complete coincidence in a totally unrelated incident which has absolutely nothing do with this, Mansour bin Muqrin died in a helicopter crash on the Jemen border. He was another one of Salman's appointees.

Re: Saudi Arabia purge?
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He's throwing pretty much everyone in jail that might have even the remotest claim to throne (or they have accidents....). No wonder the trumpster fire likes this asshole.

  • MikeS
Re: Saudi Arabia purge?
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His princely arrestees are now residing in the Riyadh Ritz Carlton for "processing".  So far its over 20 princes and 38 other business or government types.  Corruption and flaunting the law are the present published crimes committed that resulted in these arrests.  One of them, billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal, is one of the richest in the nation.  I don't expect Sharia type punishments, but a certain diminishing of princely power, prestige and money will result along with either internal monitoring or suggested exile (with monitors of course).

"Time to retire to the golf course." could be a "punishment" I guess.

Re: Saudi Arabia purge?
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I do wonder how much of it is actually corruption related, and how much is just making sure his powerbase is filled with his own cronies.