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The Expanse
I see a Stranger Things 2 thread, but nothing on The Expanse. I haven't got heavily into a lot of TV series, but one I have been totally bingeing on is The Expanse. It tickles my sci-fi funny bone in a big way, features some rather epic world building, and is right up there on par with Firefly.
In fact, I'm going to go out there and say it. I prefer The Expanse to Firefly.  :cool:

Also, The Expanse got more than one season. :P :mob:
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Re: The Expanse
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Have you read the books?
I don't feel they quite got Bobby right. I think they did as well as they could be expected to given Hollywood's standards, and the actress herself does an excellent job, but I still think they should have got someone significantly burlier. The books describe her as having to have her suits custom-made and yet she doesn't look much different from the other Mertian marines,

Also Cristjen's swearing has been toned down a bit too much. She's basically Malcolm Tucker In! Space!
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Re: The Expanse
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Haven't read the books. I'm waiting for access to the show in a streaming format, since I don't currently have cable. Loved the first 2 seasons.

I would agree that overall it's better than Firefly (and I like Firefly).