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quark fusion?
According to the theory, it's 1) 8x more powerful than plain old nuclear fusion, and 2) already possible with the LHC, at least enough to confirm whether it would work or not.

What could possibly go wrong?  :dunno:

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Re: quark fusion?
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But subsequent calculations showed that it would be impossible to cause a chain reaction with quarks because they exist for too short a period of time--approximately one picosecond--not long enough to set off another baryon.
wonder if the mean free path gets small enough to support a chain reaction in highly compressed matter, such as in neutron stars or quark stars.

eta: also might help explain weird shit around black holes, such as those axial jets

Re: quark fusion?
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I would think in really exotic materials like a neutron star, it might be possible, but it might be hard to get the free quarks to try it in the first place.

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Re: quark fusion?
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yeah, can quarks even exist unbound in the first place?