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TR Memescape

  • My reactions to this were a mixed "Wow, what monsters, what colossal douchebags." and "lol what kind of idiot moron dork try-hard I-only-just-discovered-Ayn-Rand talks-too-much-during-philosophy-101 pseudo-intellectuals chat about gutting Medicaid at a fucking college party COME ON."

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Hello.  Greetings!  Glad the forum is back.  I haven't posted in years. I see some familiar names already. 

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Re: herev
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Welcome back!

Sorry about the reg. problem.

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Re: herev
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Welcome back, herev!  How are you and the family?

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Re: herev
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Hi herev.  I think I remember you.

Re: herev
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Herev!! Long time, no see.   :happydance:  :hug: