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TR Memescape

  • TalkRational: Do you have to allow so much swearing and name calling on your website? Is it really necessary? I came by this web site by asking a Bargain Hunt question and was surprised that such a family, morning TV programme has cause for such mindless profanities. It makes one ask why watch the programme then?

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  • ffejrxx
can we get an arcade?

someone closed the zombie one

what good is a zombie movie with no zombie arcade/carnival scene?

  • ravenscape
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  • Triggered
Re: Arcade
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The mindromp arcade works and I'm pretty sure nobody at mindromp would mind people playing in their arcade.  I think there's a high degree of overlap in the offered games.

There isn't an arcade add-on for ElkArte at this time.

I don't want to stress the old forum's database with arcade activity, because I don't want to ever have to deliver it from the depths of hell again.