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nearly blind and hit him with one of the two shots, thats gotta count for something
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
Also, I was looking for tabletop space-themed 4X games, but most seemed too complex for me these days (not to mention expensive). I read, however, that the boardgame version of Space Empires (the old computer game series that ended ingloriously wth the spreadsheet nightmare that was SEV) is pretty good, and relatively cheap. I might give it a try as well, if I can convince the others to join me.
i have solarquest '87ver , lots of fun, similar to monopoly but with a few twists and lazer beans
we would play with red-hots, when shot the target player would have to eat a handful of them
Science / Re: Asteroid Florence has two moons
im still waiting on proof that he is concous

so far all evidence shows that he has no awarness of his surroudnings
So, what happens if he pardons his co conspirators?
hopefully congress will limit his pardon abilities after his most recent one
is it too late to hope trump does not fire any missles?
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Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
not sure but  carmageddon is on sale for $5
Thread title "Relax, Donald Trump is Stone Cold Sane" is wrong.

He might be sane. but last night showed that it's decidedly not of the "Stone Cold" kind of sanity one should expect from a president. That train-wreck of a deceitful rant showed a man completely unfit for the office he holds, and who is either batshit insane or actively trying to undermine the free press and foment civil war. Dave, if you still support this, you will have to own the consequences. It is not going to end well.

im still waiting for proof that trump is concous
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
3700 hours of portal2
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread

As an aside, only one of them is able to produce a genuine smile. And that's the dictator over a society with brutal torture, work camps, and a starving population.
is that why trump doesnt smile?
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
for tabletop games this one looks like fun
Games / Re: Image Association
can we add it to the chopping block instead?
Games / Re: Image Association
Science / Re: Sperm counts plummeting
#potential lives matter
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
did you get endless space when it was $1 on steam?
google rewards
answer stupid questinon for google store credits
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Yeah, my first thought was there was probably no "consulting with generals and military people"
now why would they bother doing that about military decisions
can someone park a guillotine in front of the white house alrady?
Arts and Entertainment / Re: New Who
Yes, and Xena, Buffy etc
those are not really scifi, try startrek voyager, orphan black, izombie