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Plus the highways provide nutrition in the way of road-kill. Native animals [serious] or Canucks [not so serious].  :happydance:
(No I don't think the powers that be want well rounded students.  They want sycophants who do the will of the big corporations.)


There is a wee grain of truth to this Pengy. I was going to do a lecture on M$ anti-trust practices. Strangely enough my lecture in the Micro4oft lecture theatre was cancelled, No reason given.

Three "R's" aside, most schools don't really do critical thinking courses. Especially religious schools. They don't want their students thinking to hard, at least outside the box. Neither do most politicians really. A thinking electorate? That would make them work harder. The proof really, is in the success of Brexit and Trump.  Why think, when you can tweet? There is no room for nuance in a tweet. So the sides get polarised and no debate really occurs, Just slurring each other, raking muck, that kind of thing.
Science / Re: Sperm counts plummeting
Only Muslim men can save us!  :happydance:
This is all just vicious propaganda against bears. Jesus Christ, nearly every kid has a teddy bear, so why would parents give them a symbol of violence to cuddle? Bears know their place in the Great Chain Of Being, and I know this because the great bear expert, Robert Byers, told me so. Ok sometimes bears need careful handling. But really the fault is with humans, because some people don't believe we were made in god's image, so of course the bear will eat them. And so it should. Polar bears were once evil, because they killed innocent humans, but then a firm man of god came along, and frightened these bears white by preaching the confident, and mighty word of the lord god to them.

You people know NOTHING!
Agreed there's no point. My argument is not that the resentment is useful but rather that the resentment is understandable and is something you see in a lot of minority/disadvantaged groups where some subset of that group makes huge sacrifices to try to better their situation through the system while others work outside the system or blame the system.

I don't see how people who have repeatedly been screwed by the system have a moral obligation to work within that system. Some people blame the system, because it IS screwing with them.

In extremis, you have the "Tequilas" giving the hate back to ISIS for murdering everyone who was not binary sexual. That is part of the reason why terrorists exist, because the system marginalises, punishes or otherwise screws with folks. It is also why Trump exists, because people were desperate, so they clutched at straws. Even trump.

Globalisation and automation are hurting large numbers of people. Both are inevitable, but we see fuck all even in the way of lip-service from politicians, never mind real efforts to address inequities and suffering. 
Science / Re: Sperm counts plummeting
I knew those visitors from outer space were up to something!  :staregonk:  :whyyou:


I and I would not blame the "tequilas" one bit if they went after Trump after they knock off ISIS. It's self defence really, with all these idiots wanting to imprison, torture, or kill non-binary folks.
Sadly, the little bears will die if they have nothing to eat.

And their toughness, while remarkable, may be a trifle exaggerated:

Scharf is comparing apples to oranges though. Candidatus  audaxviator is a procaryote, and tardigrades are eucaryotes.

Also not sure if he is taking pot-shots at the lay media, or scientists themselves? The scientific reports article on the tardies didn't seem over the top to me. Well, profs are often prima donnas, so that ain't news either. Nevertheless a useful heads-up on that Candidatus  audaxviator thingie.
Only stupid people want smartphones.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Cat Thread
Why the hell does my cat prefer drinking out of the toilet instead of the nice full dish of clean fresh water I gave him not more than two hours ago? Is he a reincarnated dog? Is it an addiction to the residual flavour of toilet bowl cleaner? I've also seen him drink out of muddy tire track puddles in the driveway as opposed to the lovely clean lake in front of the house.

What do you prefer to drink? Plain water, or some flavoured beverage? :-)
Why do you have 5* fingers Socrates?

*I am assuming Socrates has 5 fingers purely for the sake of discussion.

Serious question. Do you have clue one?

Has sockie only got one hand?
Where are you?  I see the entire paper and I don't have any Nature credentials.

Shit, I can see it now--thanks. It wouldn't load last time I tried.
I don't have access to the paper, but if it is correct, we won't have to argue against Hoyle's fallacy of a 747 in a junkyard! :-)
Absolutely proof of a young Earth!

Go for it Dave! Jist like in the Bible!

Rubin, C. M., et al. (2017). "Highly variable recurrence of tsunamis in the 7,400 years before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami."  8: 16019.
The devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami caught millions of coastal residents and the scientific community off-guard. Subsequent research in the Indian Ocean basin has identified prehistoric tsunamis, but the timing and recurrence intervals of such events are uncertain. Here we present an extraordinary 7,400 year stratigraphic sequence of prehistoric tsunami deposits from a coastal cave in Aceh, Indonesia. This record demonstrates that at least 11 prehistoric tsunamis struck the Aceh coast between 7,400 and 2,900 years ago. The average time period between tsunamis is about 450 years with intervals ranging from a long, dormant period of over 2,000 years, to multiple tsunamis within the span of a century. Although there is evidence that the likelihood of another tsunamigenic earthquake in Aceh province is high, these variable recurrence intervals suggest that long dormant periods may follow Sunda megathrust ruptures as large as that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Cliff notes version:-
I didn't realise how wrong I was to say that I am "colour-blind" . It really is a fucked thing to say that sounds good on the surface. The sentiment is OK, until I realised as a straight white male, I hadn't walked a mile in another person's moccasins. Had I been cat-called for my tits or arse? Or raped? Or tried to get an abortion without having to justify my decision to males to churches or society? Have I experienced racism? Do I know what gay people have to go through? Nyet.

The uproar over  some wimmins wanting to have a men-free concert. What the fuck was that? To go to an event where they feel free from the threat of being pawed or raped. Just to listen to some music. Don't seem like much to ask. Gentlemen's clubs were not formed to prevent men being raped by women. They just underlined privilege and class. [And often race as well].

I blame religions for most of this shit. They might not have invented it all, but they certainly exploited it, and perpetuated it. Think of The Great Chain Of Being, where a woman is outranked by a horse! Where are the lesbian Dalai Lamas? The gay Popes? The pregnant, black Archbishops? The HIV-positive Imams? The moral leadership?

Arts and Entertainment / Re: New Who
Dr Who made it out of the stone age!  :clap:  :clap:

TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Rodents
Awww..cute!  :clap:
Science / Re: Piggies really are quasi-primates
Anyway, its 2017, Joe.  You don't need to propose nonsense like polyphyly as a rationalization for why you find farm animals so goddamned sexy.  Let your freak flag fly!
I see no reason why pigs could be a special case...a hybid between cows and monkeys.

Googled hybid. Does not seem to be a biological term, but a riding school

No piggies there Joe. Just some human apes and Equus caballus.

I thought bears were ring species..sort of. ??
Evangelical Christianity is one of the shittiest modern manifestations of the religion

Counterpoint: the Inquisition.
The Inquisition wasn't intent on forcing the end of the world.

Counterpoint: the Crusades.

The crusades were a community service. To spread civilisation around the world and save souls. No downside at all. it even kept the youth of Christendom engaged in healthy pursuits. Particularly young nobles. Otherwise they would have just squabbled over their inheritances.

It is true that in some rare circumstances some firmness with populations was required. But nobody ever lost their soul from a wee bit of corporal or capital punishment. People have to learn.
A documentary Series called Star Trek Voyager gives a historically accurate and excellent account or Earhart and Noonan's fate. Would Capt Janeway lie?   :no:  She is a Federation officer, FFS!
Benevolent dictatorship by the puppy.

1. Freedom of religion, and freedom from religion.
2. A strictly secular state
3. Open source science publishing AND paywall science and academic papers available to all at no cost to the public in libraries.
4. Impeach trump.
5. Green energy sources, subsidised if necessary.
6. Taxes on carbon and other industries that pollute.
7. Taxes on international corporations and a political solution to tax havens.
8. Education, from Playschool to Graduate school, will be free.
9. basic medical care free.
10. Open and public discussion about trade agreements, globalisation etc.
11. Sensible, humane policies for retirees, people with disabilities.
12. More effort /funding for mental illnesses.
13. Worker shares in companies compulsory.
14. Tax incentives for social or environmental goods, tax burden for anti-social or environmental damage.
15. The onus of proof is on the government to justify making a document secret [except privacy concerns].
16 tighten restrictions of arms sales.
17. No natural right to bare arms [except at nudist colony, beach etc].
18 The right and authority of governments to issue firearm licences, and discriminate on the basis of mental history, history of violence, etc., but NOT on the basis of class, income, gender, or race etc.
19. open and natural rights for marriage. eg SSM
20 Compulsory voting --at all levels of government
21. No death penalty, for whatever reason.
22. No government funding for sport, except in clear cases where this would cause hardship and private funding is not available.
23. No privatisation of public goods.
24 NO inequitable, discriminatory practices by religions on the basis of race, sex, gender, religion etc.
25. No tax-free status for churches, except genuine charitable activities eg evangelical activities are not tax-deductable.
26. Religious schools must teach science and critical thinking, without prejudice. Religious instruction should be just that, and not be confined to one faith or philosophy. EG a Catholic school should teach about Islam, Hindi, etc as well as other Christian faiths etc without prejudice or favour, and include other positions, including atheism and agnosticism. religious practices eg prayer should be extra-curricular. This limitation also applies to government schools.
27. Compulsory police checks for anyone involved in working with children or other vulnerable persons
28. repeal all anti-blasphemy laws.
29. Believe in Richard Dawkins, except when he is being a dick.
30 Love and worship puppies, for they are your dog.

Better idea: call a unique jury of randomly assigned jurors for all legislative votes.
Hell no, some might have actually published in Nature!
Voted yes, in the same way as I would vote that Harry Potter, is indeed, a witch.  :cheer:

The question of whether Jesus is real, and natural or supernatural, is another matter.

The huge polytomy means that we cannot tell if they came before the chicken.  :parrot:

Nothing come before chicken, except turkey.