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The man who designed that system deserves a prize. I'm not sure what kind of prize, but a prize.
O sure, blame the programmer. I have to deal with this shit all the time. 'How come the operator was able to destroy the conveyor belt?' Because I can't imagine all the possible ways people can be absolutely, unbelievably moronic. Sheesh. These people are supposed to be trained operators.
Well, no one can imagine all the ways someone might fuck things up, that's true. But come on, it's not that hard to imagine how, having "missile alert" and "test missile alert" as two options in the same dropdown menu, can provide some pretty good fuckup options.

I suppose maybe there was no other way, of course. And the operator could be a moron- Or just tired and/or sleepy.
Hey, I did watch it! I just stopped when that weird guy started screaming "ALL lives matter".
The man who designed that system deserves a prize. I'm not sure what kind of prize, but a prize.
...  whether that black reporter for Fox News was correct or not.
I see the blackness of that reporter has assumed the same iconic significance as the womanhood of the South African visitor to the Maasai.    ::)
It's truly bewildering.
Thanks dave. After a tiresome day at work, I needed that.
I'm happy to investigate Jack's statement when I get back on my home computer. Also I would like to look at that long research paper that Pingu was encouraging me to read. I would like to determine whether that black reporter for Fox News was correct or not.

hey guys! Here's a detailed report that seems to show it was all just alt-right vs. alt-left thugs! A report! Detailed! By a lawyer!

('You wait. Time passes...')

You know, I should probably get to look at that long-ass report at some point. I mean since Pingu wants me to. Sheesh. Oh well.


My sides!!111
Dave simply doesn't care. He's just a mindless parrot. Hell, he couldn't even make an original comment, and parroted the "had a rough night" one from the alt-right blogs.
Dick Durbin had a rough night thanks to our boy Posobiec, whom Donald Trump RT'ed ... again ... lie about him and call him a Nazi if you like ... but he's a sharp cookie ...

Digging up that kind of factual history is good journalism folks ...

Lol go watch the rest of the video Posobiec snipped a few seconds from - you can quote-mine videos too, Dave,

And wow, here we have Trump retweeting the guy (Posobiec) who placed a poster saying Rape Melania. You'd think Trump would care enough about his wife to never have anything to do with the lying liar that did that.
I don't know if anything you are saying here is true.
How about you even WATCH THE VIDEO SNIPPET Posobiec himself posted? It's clear he refers to what the DACA will allow. He doesn't call for an end to chain migration.
And I base that on what happened the last time you weighed in on Posobiec.  It appears to me that YOU are the one who needs to work on being factual ... not Posobiec.
Where, exactly, did Borealis turn out to be 'non-factual' about Posobiec?

Seriously, Mr. "PhD in truth detection": WATCH the video. Then tell me: If Posobiec (or anyone) tried THAT on your Precious Leader, what would you say?

I predict we'd already have a "Who is the lying SOB that posted this video" thread, and a bajillion accusations of dishonesty and lying.

Go ahead. Say it ain't so.
"Well, apperently [sic] ZeroHedge just sucks at formatting their webpage:"


But more importantly, you suck at truth detection. (And spelling)
Don't get too smug there, Siri.

And when he doesn't use siri, we get gems like "mysoginist".

I wonder if siri can spell 'narcissistic asymmetry' ::)
"Well, apperently [sic] ZeroHedge just sucks at formatting their webpage:"


But more importantly, you suck at truth detection. (And spelling)
Lol. Dave will take what he can get.
Not if you davinate fascists to mean "bad dishonest people who are into violence".
I'm honestly not surprised. I bet he's becoming more and more paranoid- he probably thinks that, if it's decided he's outlived his usefulness, a little dose of Strontium 90 in his soap is not a remote possibility.
Hey dave, check out this (mostly) peaceful rally:
Sure, there was some violence but of course, only those who actually engaged in violent attacks (on many sides, many sides) were the real nazis. All others, who were peacefully attending the rally, were naturally "very fine people".



Does "the black guy" have a name? Or is he solely being defined by his color?

Also, did you read the report YOU have linked to? If you had, you would know why the excuses Fox News try to make are irrelevant.

Who ORGANIZED the rally, dave? WHY did they organize it?
Ok this is just stupid.
Notice however, that dave unsupported assertion is that it was "a clash of alt right and alt left ... both with violent tendencies".


Where are those "very fine people"?

Dave, dave... You can't even keep your story straight, it seems.
Leftists and right-wing fascists are the same. I see no difference. They both consume fake news and they're both lawless and they both advocate violence to get their way.
Uhhhhh can you give me an example of a "leftist"? Because I believe you've davinated that term as well, if you think it's the same as fucking fascists.
What was the point of the chess board? 
Drunk posting?

I was waiting to see if anyone figured it out ... Faid seems to get it ... at least in part ...
"In part"?

What I "get" is that Assange tweeted that picture you posted with no comment, and all alt-right lap dogs out there are joyfully yapping, wagging tails and sniffing each other's bottoms, trying to determine the hidden crucial meaning behind that tweet. They've had no specific concensus so far, other than that it obviously foretells some kind of heavy blow against Killary and Deep State.

Did I miss anything? If so, what?
Fox News trumps any and all reports, however detailed, times ten hands down no backsies.

Also a "black guy" said it, so you can't dispute it, take that leftist nazis.
Seriously though, what caused that screwup? Were they hacked?
I hope you all appreciate that my reaction to seeing potential news of nuclear war was to shitpost on here to give you ungrateful bastards a head's up.