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  • wait a minute i just realized i had told testy, not PO9, to kill himself. is there anyway we can just have both of them kill themselves? i'm willing to eat poop

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McCain isn't up in 2018 and is probably dead by the time he is in 2022. Collins isn't up until 2020. Murkowski isn't up until 2022.
the point is that the wealthy areas subsidize the non-wealthy (rural) areas, which is true.
But isn't that what liberals WANT to be happening?  Why bitch about it if it's in line with your master plan?

I'm of the opinion that liberals only want the wealthy areas to subsidize non-wealthy areas that vote liberal

The point was that this:

The entirety of Eastern WA gets slapped with all sorts of cost-burdens, so that urban-dwellers in the very tiny footprint of Seattle can have better lives. 

was dumb and wrong as Eastern WA gets subsidized with all sorts of money from the urban-dwellers in a very tiny footprint of Seattle.
the point is that the wealthy areas subsidize the non-wealthy (rural) areas, which is true.
There's coverage of the more ridiculous stuff, like maintaining tax breaks for private jets and golf courses, but there's also coverage of the more meat-and-potatoes bullshit like eliminating the estate tax or how companies aren't going to actually hire anyone or give our raises and they openly admit this.

I still wonder how much is bad faith arguments in favor of a bill they know does nothing but shovel money to the wealthy and how much is really their brains being so broken by their garbage ideology that they really believe anyone but the wealthy would benefit.

I dunno. Flake hinted at being a "no" today, so that brings us up to 4. My guess is still that we get Bush Tax Cuts 3.0, i.e. a big break for the wealthy and a pittance for everyone else that expires in 10 years.
kill all men  :yes:
The race is probably still a toss-up and there's several weeks left to go. This has been a big, big shift in favor of Jones, though, that's for sure.
Alabama Senate poll: Jones opens up lead over Moore
Democrat Doug Jones has opened up an eight-point lead in the US Senate race in Alabama amid multiple sexual abuse allegations against Republican Roy Moore, according to a new Fox News poll released Thursday.

Jones leads Moore by 50 to 42% among likely voters in the special election ...
Fox News poll
Fox News poll
Fox News poll

I find it almost as hard to imagine Alabama electing a democrat senator as, 18 months ago, I found it hard to believe the US would elect Trump president.

Fox News' polling is trustworthy. They partner with a reputable firm and aren't some push-polling partisan garbage. They've got a house lean like everyone, but I don't think it's particularly strong. Miles better than trash like Rasmussen, anyway.

Their "viewer polls" are obviously garbage but the published, legit polls are good.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

But the shakeup on the Senate Judiciary Committee may allow Sessions to get away with his shit.

Not saying one should take precedence over the other. Just pointing out that the pattern of events unfolding has the potential to weaken resistance to Trump undermining of the judicial system.
I'm worried about it too, but the governor of Minnesota is a democrat, so would appoint a democrat to replace him.  and in the ensuing special election, Minnesota would likely elect another democrat.

The latter I'm less convinced of. Additionally, this creates a gap on the senate committees that are digging deepest into the Trump-Russia connections. This gives the Repubs the opportunity to pull another seat, which could be their path to passing full healthcare repeals and tax bills. You gotta think they'll go all-in on that.

the committees are completely useless as they're controlled by R's

all hope rests with Mueller

It's amazing how far government has broken down. They have majorities in both houses and the White House, but they still can't manage any process beyond crafting a horrible bill in secret with zero study or outside input and then throwing everything the can grab at the wall at the last second to try to get something passed.
"transformative" when he really meant "performative"

he also gave the game away when he talked about working with Trump's team to "leak" something to give Wikileaks the appearance of impartiality.

I don't know if he's a willing FSB shill, but he's at least an extremely useful idiot.
who the fuck is scraeming "DROP OUT" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never drop out

I hope this guy gets brought down by the Whitefish scandal
The conservative agenda is molesting children  :ssh:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I love Assange trying to strategize a way to make his shit FSB clearing house look objective by leaking some DJT tax returns
He also makes them raise a flag whenever he's in the building
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
They're an FSB clearing house these days whether he realizes it or not
Lol now Jr has tweeted out the proof again

This guy is getting indicted