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Politics and Current Events / #FyreFestival
Could just crosspost this all to the Guillotine thread, but lots of lol's to be had
tl;dr a bunch of rich failsons paid absurd amounts of money (starting at $4k, up to over $100k) to go to a music festival hosted by Ja Rule and Blink 182 (is this 2002??) and "instagram influencers.'

they did not get what they expected

I need to come up with a way to separate a lot of wealthy idiots from their money while also giving them the real-life refugee camp experience
Politics and Current Events / Removing Kim
Because one war of regime change isn't enough!


Chicago Public School students who want to graduate will have to show proof that they have a plan after high school--such as providing an offer letter for a job or acceptance into college or military service, under a plan expected to be approved next month.

The initiative, pitched by former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and carried by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is targeted at encouraging students to plan for life after high school. It likely goes farther than any other public-school initiative to encourage postsecondary preparation. Mr. Emanuel called it a "game-changer."

This is one of the dumber ideas I've ever heard, and that's saying a lot in the Age of Trump.
Politics and Current Events / GA-6
There's a special election underway there to fill Tom Price's seat. Early voting results thus far are looking like a pretty strong Dem turnout. I'm not going to trust anything until the results are actually in ever again, but Nate Cohn's a good follow for incoming data.

Polls closed about 30 minutes ago, and the first exit polls indicate that the incumbent party will hold 31 seats, and Geert Wilders' party will take 19 seats in a three-way tie for second. Until just this last week, it looked like Wilders' party might actually win the most individually seats, but support collapsed at the end.

Hopefully this is a sign that the right-wing populist wave that's swept the UK and the US will be contained.
Really looking forward to breaking this news to my wife tonight. Can this shitty year please just end already?