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  • only on Tr could it be even slightly controversial for the admins to make such an unambiguously correct call ngod bless the republic, islam is the light

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Sports / Re: Lol fuck the nfl

id like to see an entire or enough of a team withdrawn to the point where the game needs to be delayed or canceled
and then see how the fans react

should end that rule pretty quick
Sports / Re: Lol fuck the nfl
im not keeping up with sports, what happend now?
does trump think that if the people he hired were under investigation before they joined the trump campaign, their investigation needed to stop?
did something happen to Loki?
or was it the move from Asguard that killed the forum?
when trump is done with him he will be more than just fucked in the head
question, do the leakers in the wh count as pisstape material?

trump wanting to punish the leakers not the leakee sound like its own :pisstape:
so, does jared win the war prize?
if cohen didnt do any lobbying, maybe they dont need to discclose it?
and thats just part of cohens trumster fire, how bad is popodopolus and manaforts?
they were paid by russians to do actual lobbying
the numbers are off
you need to triple the blue ones
they went for a full year not just 4mo
Computers and Technology / Re: AI omnibus thread
westworld is awesome
its based on futureworld
Computers and Technology / Re: AI omnibus thread
are you watching the new season of westworld?
"What is taking so long?"

Oooo doggies ... January is going to be fun ... !!!

Maybe you meant January 2019?
im pretty sure jan 2121 will be more fun for the planet
yes split timeline again
one timeline begins at the end of last season
and the other 11 days later iirc

had me confused for a bit too, rewatched to clerify

and new archer season starts this week
(Pretty sure Trump is a "Darwinist", though btw)
trump is reverse-darwinist
survival of the most unfit
you mean, the judge put the kibosh on kobach?
she did the right thing by demanding/requesting/suggesting tougher sanctions on russia

then she got kudlow to apologize and say he was confused

i agree with rafh, if she goes under the bus it will not be willingly

i still dont see how its related to :pisstape:
Anyone want to lay odds on how long Nikki Haley will be willing to discharge the duties of her office from her new position under the bus?
wrong thread?

does he need a legit reason to fire her?
i only see 1 way out for them :vcide:

and why do they keep digging when they are clearly in over their heads
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
Trump declares 'mission accomplished' in Syria strike
Mission "Get my Ratings Up" was probably accomplished alright. We'll see in a few weeks.
odds trump contacted russia or seria and asked putin or assad to do something to distract from mueller or cohen and get his ratings up?

looks like kushner failed, wasnt he in charge of peace in the middle east?
could be an email or something with a progue ip attached to it
im just glad hes using twitter instead of the presidential sms
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
brain slugs