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The pretending stage sure is the most tedious one.
Qafzeh could be as young as 60 or 70 kya. They dated the layers. The LAYERS!!!!
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
John Brennan illegal spied on Congressional staff who were investigating torture.

Like anyone outside of the US has ever thought American intelligence agencies weren't often basically state-sanctioned covert terrorism.
Well (and as far as our experience here in Greece goes), it depends on whether overthrowing a democratically elected government and later establishing a bloody military junta lasting 7 years, counts as "covert terrorism".

I mean, some might call it "business as usual".
But it's a shame that doug ran away from the mtDNA evidence. I really wanted to know more about those "capabilities" that M and N haplogroups have, that L0 apparently lacks...
Inb4 "ya but that old study said their apparent age might be a stratigraphic artifact! What's that? disproven in a later analysis? NOT WORTH ARGUING ABOUT COWS COME HOMETIMETOMOVEON"
Stomp your foot harder buddy. That will make Omo I go away, I'm sure. As well as the study that credibly dates it to 195,000 years ago.
So lenski's single bacterium that he started with actually died and he's been lying to us all these years?
Same with Qafzeh. They just dated the LAYERS. No reason to take the date into account.
Jebel Faya (FAY-NE1) is an archaeological site near Al-Madam, Sharjah Emirate, UAE. It contains tool assemblages from the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, the Neolithic and the Paleolithic. Because its deepest assemblage has been dated to 125,000 years ago, it was thought to be the world's most ancient settlement yet discovered of anatomically modern humans outside of Africa at the time of its discovery in 2011.[1]
They just date the LAYERS.

The fossils could be only 60 or 70,000 years old,  as far as we all know. Right?
It also sounds pretty desperate.

Borealis won that bet.
The out of Africa theory acknowledges that there were modern humans in the Levant (circa 125kya) but do not consider them to be the beginning of the expansion of humans around the world. Can anyone explain why they object to that idea?
Do you want mtDNA evidence, fossil evidence, or both?

See above.

See: mtDNA haplogroup phylogeny.

Anything else?
Trump just wants to be sure everyone around him, especially those he's somewhat intimate with, is a real human and not a goddamn reptilian. He calls it the cloaca test.
No kidding! What happened to that marsupial's ears?  :stare:
Looks like a sex-crazed T-Rex to me.
silly, stalin is dead. She is his illegitimate granddaughter
Nope. The reptilian simply wore a different skin

I'm a perfect case in point. I believe in God, but does it stop me from studying science?
it certainly stops you from understanding science.
To be fair, it's his personality that stops him, not religion necessarily.
Wait did I say "you guys"? I meant "not you guys".
With all those old land monuments out of the way, you guys are gonna get lots of new land soon.

Sure thing dave.
Yabbut Killary? Literally Stalin amirite guise
The problem is the reigning paradigm.  The reigning paradigm in the Life Sciences from the late 18th century to present has been "We don't need no stinkin' God ... we got EVOLUTION!!"  And when you live under that paradigm and you combine ideas like 'an organism rather like a bacterium was the great great grandpappy of all living things' together with ideas like 'mankind is the most evolutionarily advanced of all creatures' ... you end up thinking warped things like "bacteria are simple and stupid" and "germs [bacteria] are bad" and so on which of course is nonsense.

Seriously, dave: In what planet, or alternate timeline, did all that happen?
I'd love to learn about "Hillary's vision" as well. But I know you're not going to offer any specific answer other than variations of "she's literally Stalin", so...