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Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
As long as they're not having buttsex it's all good Christian nookie.

I thought the buttsex was good christian nookie. "Virginity" till marriage and all that.
The LoopHole

OMG that is hilarious!

HQ Version
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Talked to my mom last night.  My brother in St. Pete lost power on Sat and I am pretty sure it's still out.  His house is fine, just a lot of tree debris in his neighborhood.  I guess the lack of working stoplights is causing a lot of accidents. He went for a drive the other day and saw three accidents happen, and he was only out for like an hour.

WTF Florida drivers!


Skippy PB?  What, is that the Nazi PB of choice?



Master race my left tit.

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

Quinn wants FEMA to help clean up the park quickly, so he and the other residents can start cleaning up the Keys.

The park, once a retiree paradise, was one of only a few places low-income workers could afford in the Keys' pricey rental market.

"This is low income, workforce housing," Quinn said. "We're waitresses, cooks, construction workers. We're the ones that do the work for the tourists."

Collapsed 3 story building due to storm surge:

The ruined trailer park:

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
My "if it moves west" Virginia friend who lives in St. Pete had her boyfriend finally convince her they should probably gtfo, so they left in the middle of the night and managed to make it to Charleston. I don't know how they managed to do that when so many other people have been stuck.

My brother lives near St. Pete. He doesn't live in an evac zone so I doubt he is evacuating.  Hopefully by the time it gets up there it will have weakened considerably.

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Irma is now forecast to hit west coast of FL. Track was changed slightly this morning.  There is a possibility the storm could gain a little strength when she pulls away from Cuba and enters the Florida Straits.  Hope it doesn't.

Cuba reporting 23 foot waves along their coast.

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

Live cam at the Southernmost Point.  The calm before the storm, including people taking selfies now and then...

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

Hurricane Irma Discussion Number  37
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL       AL112017
500 AM EDT Fri Sep 08 2017

Microwave images and data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane
Hunter aircraft indicate that Irma is currently undergoing an
eyewall replacement cycle.  A recent GMI overpass showed an 50 nmi
wide outer eyewall, with the inner eyewall weakening.  The
Hurricane Hunter aircraft reported peak 700-mb winds of 147 kt in
the outer eyewall near 0500 UTC, and maximum SFMR winds were in the
125-130 kt range.  Based on these data, the initial intensity is
reduced to 135 kt.

Irma is forecast to remain in a favorable warm water, light shear
environment for the next 36-48 h.  The intensity guidance shows a
slow weakening during this time, but Irma is expected to remain at
least a Category 4 hurricane until landfall in Florida.  After
landfall, a fairly quick decay in maximum winds is expected due to
land interaction and increased shear, although Irma's large wind
field is likely to still produce hurricane-force winds over a large
area.  There are two caveats to the intensity forecast.  First, some
additional weakening could occur during the eyewall replacement,
followed by re-intensification as the cycle completes.  Second, the
ECMWF, UKMET, and NAVGEM forecast a track over or close to the
coast of Cuba that is not currently a part of the track forecast.
If this occurs, Irma could be weaker than currently forecast along
the later parts of the track.

The initial motion is west-northwestward or 285/14.  Irma should
maintain this general trajectory for the next 24-36 h as it moves
along the southwestern side of the subtropical ridge.  After that
time, the guidance is in good agreement that the ridge should break
and allow Irma to turn north-northwestward to northward.  There
remains some spread between the models on when the turn will occur,
with the GFS/Canadian being on the eastern side of the guidance and
the UKMET/NAVGEM on the left side.  The ECMWF, Florida State
Superensemble, and the HFIP Corrected consensus are in the middle
of the guidance envelope, and the new track forecast is in best
agreement with those models.  Overall, the new forecast track is
similar to the previous forecast, with minor westward adjustments
at 36 and 48 h.

Still Cat 4 but at least its showing signs of weakening.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
2nd sun WTF?
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season


13:40 when the camera moves down and you see the debris and a fucked car.  :staregonk:
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Sorry for huge post, pics from St Barth and  St. Maarten..

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

The track of the storm has been updated.  Looks like its making landfall right on the tip of Florida. The Keys are fucked. Hope the evacuation is going well. 
Fill their pants with lit M-80s then when they cry out just go  :dunno:

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
I think worst case would be to round into the Gulf and return on shore at or just north of Tampa.  Tampa Bay is rife with development that hasn't seen a near hit of a hurricane in 30+ years.  It would decimate the place.

My brother lives near Tampa. Not sure where since he moved a year or so ago and I've never been down there.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

Live webcams in the Virgin Islands.  Still quiet, just getting steadily cloudier.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Tropical Storm Jose:

Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
LOL this picture tho...


The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood was founded in 1987 to "to help the church defend against the accommodation of secular feminism," according to its website. The council focuses on outlining the differences between male and female roles in the home and church. It supports the biblical teaching that men must be Christlike leaders at home and in the church, and upholds wives' submission in marriage.

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Here comes Irma.

A Cape Verde storm, no official advisories yet she is still close to Africa. 

Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
800 AM EDT Wed Aug 30 2017

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

1. Satellite images indicate that the low pressure area a couple
hundred miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands has become better
organized overnight, and advisories will likely be initiated at 11
AM EDT on a tropical cyclone.  The system is forecast to gradually
intensify and move west-northwestward to westward at about 15 mph
over the tropical Atlantic during the next several days.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...high...near 100 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...high...near 100 percent.

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

Levee south of Houston on Brazos river has been breached. Colombia Lakes TX told to get out now. 

I know he is a nut job but WTF, your biggest ally told you that they would not come to your aid if you strike first. 

General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas -- Gator Country has more than 350 alligators just on the outside part of its facility on FM 365 in Beaumont.
There's even more on the inside.
But it's flooding extensively.
KFDM/Fox 4 reporter James Ware was at Gator Country on Monday morning.
Owner Gary Saurage told him that more than a foot of water was inside parts of the building.
In 12 years at the FM 365 locations, Saurage has never seen flooding like this.
"We're less than a foot a foot from (water) going over the fences," Saurage said. "All of these are certified, high fences, but when it won't quit, it won't quit. We've worked around the clock and I don't know what else to do. We're truly tired. Everybody's at the end of it, man. We don't know what to do.

I know that there is already gators down there anyways, but I don't think the surrounding neighborhoods would appreciate 350 new ones arriving all at once.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season

Aerial footage of Rockport, TX.

There are some nutballs in the comments. My favorite comment was along the lines of "Governments have machines that control the weather."  Also a woman who is convinced that the news is not reporting the devastation accurately because the storm effected mostly white people...

Seriously folks...