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That's the plan for the first vote on the Motion to Proceed, then we'll enter in to "vote-a-rama" where anyone can freely offer amendments for an up-or-down vote. We have no idea what the initial MTP vote will be on, and we have no idea what the outcome of the amendment process will be. Complete chaos heading into a vote to substantially rework 1/6 of our economy with tens of millions of lives at stake.
Schiff is wrong. Trump can recess-appoint and McConnell isn't going to pull the same "we're never in recess!" bullshit he did to Obama.
latest word is that they don't have any real replacement ready in the Senate, so the MTP is going to be on the house AHCA.

RIP healthcare in this country inside of 24 hours

As I was researching for this story, I found a megathread titled "The Piss Tape is Real" deep inside the recesses of the political subsections of Something Awful forums. At some point last week, a user posted, "So guys I filed a trademark application for the phrase 'the piss tape is real' and I got a call from some reporter from the verge yesterday. how should I respond."

"The piss tape is real," a few users respond, predictably. "Pee on him," advises another, more creatively.

There's nothing new about internet shitposting, but there's something emblematic about finally getting to federally register "The Piss Tape is Real" just as the decency of mainstream political discourse hits absolute bottom -- then sinks even further. It's a path that will inevitably take all of us, mostly figuratively, right into the toilet
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
The moral of that story was apparently "never, ever stop working" which is pretty sad and fucked up
It's such a big wet fart of a platform. Nothing at all inspirational, no obvious big ticket proposals or things to get people to rally behind, just lots more technocratic futzing at the margins to make capitalism slightly less painful.
so anyway this is out:

eta: corey robin posted this separate candid confession from chuck that has surely made waves...

Schumer having at least some level of introspection is a good sign. The Democrats can't just run on "OMG Trump is so bad and the Republicans are literally killing you and your family" because that doesn't inspire people to vote.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Libertarians are dumb
Politics and Current Events / Re: Poland
The global roll back of liberal democracy including here is a pretty terrible turn of events imo
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
The Democrats are so bad at politics  :smith:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Who's ready for nuclear war on the subcontinent!?


The hits keep coming tonight. Trump's legal spokesman also quit, and his legal team wasn't informed of the nyt interview ahead of time
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Also, said rebels were fighting ISIS, as well as Assad, in Syria's goofy three-way war. So this does mean we're letting up on ISIS a bit.
But the rebels themselves were also largely murderous theocratic assholes
The "adoption" stuff with Russia is just code for them being pissed about sanctions and has been for years.