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But that was in another country, and besides, the wench lost the election

^super antisemitic Marlowe quote FYI
But that was in another country, and besides, the wench lost the election
I don't see how giving money to businesses on the faint hope of them raising wages isn't ignoring the working class. If you gear your platform toward small capitalists, you are ignoring the working class.
it's also puzzling.  the rust belt trump voters they're trying to win over are tired of the old republican narrative that if you help business and the rich we swear it'll pay off for you too.  so the democrats not only have the political latitude to quit being republican lite on economics, they actually have a clear incentive to stop it.

but those rust belters believe that the solution is to bring back those great manufacturing jobs that used to exist and that the way to do that is to protect American manufacturing by keeping out foreign goods and giving tax breaks to american businesses. They don't see american businesses as a class enemy. Whether or not they're correct is a totally different story, but if you want to win those voters, you need to speak their language, and this proposal speaks their language.
I don't see how giving money to businesses on the faint hope of them raising wages isn't ignoring the working class. If you gear your platform toward small capitalists, you are ignoring the working class.

if those handouts depend on meeting certain wage thresholds, that's more than just "a faint hope" but realistically the point here is that this is a plan specifically geared to rural PA/Ohio/WV/NY communities where there is a belief that raising wages will hurt small businesses and that taxes are the devil. This is not meant to be a major economic plan so much as it is meant to attract some of the communities that were lost to Trump.
Well, wasn't the criticism of the Dems last time around that their implementation more or less ignored the working class and small business owners in the Rust Belt? Isn't this specifically directly meant to be a handout to those communities written in the language of what those communities consider to be good governance?

God, it's like no one is ever happy.
Actually it kind of makes sense to tie a stimulus plan to raised minimum wage. It makes it so smaller businesses can't complain about how the raised wages are hurting them, while simultaneously making it difficult on all sides for moderate republicans to oppose it.

It may not be ideal, but it does seem strategic.
To be fair though, CIHR is really trying to redirect funding from basic research towards clinical care. For example, the vast majority of the CIHR postdoc fellowships awarded in the last few years supported salary for residents on the understanding that these residents would do a small amount of clinical research, and almost exclusively rejected dedicated researchers.
stop ruining my great idea with your creepy pedo shitposts.
looking forward to the Testy hit, "Bring a Box for your Teeth"
like, I think it would be quality if testy would write songs based on various TR posters' meltdowns
We don't have good meltdowns any more. Where have all the meltdowns gone, long time passing?

we don't play much mafia anymore.
it's a class of zombie from left4dead2 that is literally called a "boomer" because they explode when you shoot them.

As for 'ideology', Boomers ... aren't some kind of shambling monster.

well technically...

another way of looking at this is that the relative equality of wealth distribution associated with the combination of the post-war infrastructure boom plus the heyday of modern organized labor created a unique set of circumstances that are difficult to maintain or replicate outside of that very narrow period of time. This brief period of economic mobility and prosperity also occurred at a time where old dynastic families were recovering from a major loss of wealth, so there wasn't a real obvious inherited class structure. Now things are calming down and we're seeing kleptocrats snagging what resources they can, which will consolidate into new aristocratic dynasties which will take decades to centuries to abolish,

Or something.

Point is, this isn't paradise lost. The worker's paradise that was the post-war era was short-lived and was more "not maintained" than actively killed.
Poor assholes also destroy things of value. Being a shitbird is not limited to class just as it is not limited to generation. People are just sometimes fucking terrible in general.
it's gonna suck even more when EU science infrastructure money stops being directed towards UK research institutions.
like, I think it would be quality if testy would write songs based on various TR posters' meltdowns
yeah that's quality.

why doesn't testy do this sort of shit
Jesus Christ, so Gary was the right choice after all?

literally no good choice
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
dunno. but sometimes it is shocking how little effort they're going to in order to hide the source material
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
this isn't even subtle anymore
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
he who controls the past, controls the future. he who controls the present controls the past.
Irredentist white nationalism is pretty central to Trump's worldview going back to the 80s or before. He's ok with token minorities so long as they remain token and/or in a position of powerlessness, but if you think this is just a show he's putting on for his fans, then you're really mistaken. This is specifically about establishing that Trump's executive orders are more valid than the law and cajoling the court into interpreting constitutional rights as narrowly as possible (which was the point of Gorsuch). By forcing the judiciary and congress to cede power, Trump can increasingly rule by decree and can direct the DOJ to ignore substantial legal frameworks that he is opposed to. The Muslim ban is basically step one in a campaign to enact a Giuliani-style racial policing framework on a national scale, and their legal arguments have all been structured so as to facilitate that if they win. If you don't see this as a threat to the constitution as it is currently understood, then you're not paying attention.
I feel a constitutional crisis coming on

Haven't you felt one coming since approx Nov 9 2016?

If not, why not?
it has always been an obvious risk and is why I managed to vote against him twice.  since he got inaugurated, my estimate of the risk has faded a bit, as it has become apparent that the threat trump posed is somewhat mitigated by his stupidity, ignorance, and flakiness.  I have continued to assume he would get himself into legal trouble because of those traits plus his recklessness, though I didn't know how soon or certainly it would escalate to constitutional crisis.

but there have been a couple moments where I felt like we were about to go over the edge for real.  one time was the firing of comey, though trump's lawyers and handlers have managed to keep him under control in the face of rosenstein and mueller et al. responding to that.  the other time is right now.

I think it's telling that you're convincing yourself that "bureaucratic opposition" is the same thing as "the constitution not being in crisis." FBI culture will change over time or, if it doesn't, there's a point where a purge will be justifiable simply because the overton window has been pushed so far to the right that independent law enforcement is seen as a threat to the "elected" government itself.

The constitution has been in crisis since the SCOTUS nomination was delayed a year in order to get Gorsuch confirmed. Maybe earlier. At this point, we're just seeing the eventual policy impacts of these breaks. We're way past constitutional crisis when the SCOTUS has approved the right for the president to ban travel of citizens from countries based essentially solely on his desire to get rid of Muslims.
lol u guys think the constitution still exists