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Mafia / Re: Witches Day 1
Last post by timewave -
So Nostrum is Margret, the young apprentice witch?
I guess in a way, though, that post of Dave's sums up his entire approach to understanding the world.  Basically: decide what he wants to be true, then attempt to demonstrate that any alternative is "ridiculous".

It's why discussion is impossible. 
Oooh. That the F-lab one? That's a pretty nice design.
So I just watched Annabelle, and

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Mafia / Re: Witches Day 1
Last post by grit -
You have to pull out all of your knowledge of the infernal, and forbidden, in order to purify the town. A mayor might help.
So what does it mean, "A mayor might help?" Is that bilicode to just make sure gib is actually playing?
And "knowledge of the infernal and forbidden", those are direct references to borealis, diva, and nostrum, right?

Also,  "The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true"
But you will be scratching afterwards.

That taint lingers for ages.


Abs is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, as everyone should know.

Tis a common thermoplastic polymer, what lots of things is made of and works reasonably well in 3d printers.

Your biro is prolly made of it.

Mine looks much the same as yours Martin, ceptin the knob is on the top not on the side. It's a thingiverse download.
Libertarians have more in common with the alt-right than they want you to think

Who was it that said 'Scratch A Liberal, Find A Fascist' - Eldridge Cleaver perhaps?

Anyway - with libertarians you don't need to scratch.
Me folk wonders: If we put pterosaurs in an analysis with birds, using a bird as an outgroup, would that show that pterosaurs evolved form birds? And if we added more birds, would that show even more that pterosaurs evolved form birds?

What does Dr. Pterosaur think?

Dr. Pterosaur doesn't do "think".

Thinking is for lesser mortals.

Dr. Pterosaur does "pontificate from a position of ignorant ineptitude".